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  1. scrambled_eggs

    Tenor Aquila Sugar strings and low tension option?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a tenor ukulele and aquila sugar strings? I find the regular tenor strings to be a bit too much tension for my taste. I've taken to tuning them down a half step, which is fine for playing alone but I'd like a more permanent fix. Since I they also make this...
  2. scrambled_eggs

    Zelda's Lullaby

    It's not perfect yet, but I'm proud of my progress! Song: Zelda's lullaby Arrng: Steven Laity Instrument: Martin T1K ukulele Strings: High G Aquila Sugar
  3. scrambled_eggs

    Measure once cut twice?

    I was convinced that he button strap would be more out of the way above the neck, please enjoy a laugh at my expense. I call this the T1K "ultra light"
  4. scrambled_eggs

    Review: Martin OXK Concert

    Greetings! This is my first review so please let me know what you think! I guess I'll start with the specs... Martin OXK Concert 2021 Made in: Mexico Body: All Martin HPL with Koa print mine at least had a very ugly koa print. It reminded me of the fake laminate wood material from a computer...
  5. scrambled_eggs

    Polly by Nirvana

    I used the guitar tabs app which unfortunately only records for 60 seconds, bleh!
  6. scrambled_eggs

    Hi, I'm Izzy!

    I've been reading the forums a bit but finally decided to post! I've been playing a bit over a year now, and the first few months were slow but I've really been addicted recently! This is my first instrument really other than some piano lessons as a kid. Right now I've got my trusting Makala...