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  1. Peter Frary

    Review of the Blue Yeti X USB Mic

    I took the Blue Yeti X USB mic out for a spin and worked it through a few voiceover projects.
  2. Peter Frary

    The Guitar Solo and Cano's Etude in A minor

    I decided to try out voiceover techniques in my latest instructional video. After many days playing with the graphics, audio and video clips, I managed to squeeze out a video. It's aimed at my Guitar 1 course at Leeward Community College, but I think might be of general interest to advanced...
  3. Peter Frary

    Betty Lou of '52

    Betty Lou of '52, my original, and the last of 22 videos we shot for the 'ukulele classes at Leeward CC. The "headless" format was used to enhance fretboard visibility, and I used both finger style and thumb style so nobody feels left out...
  4. Peter Frary


    try again and again...
  5. Peter Frary

    Sambinha - Brazilian Guitar Music

    The Leeward Coast Guitars, directed by Peter Frary, perform Celso Machado's Sambinha (little samba) at the Leeward Community College Theatre.
  6. Peter Frary

    Haydn's Minuet in F - Leeward Coast Ukulele Band

    Joseph Haydn's Minuet in F performed by the Leeward Coast Ukulele Band, directed by Grace Seil Frary. Recorded in our last class before Spring Break. Haydn composed chamber music for his patron, Prince Paul Anton Esterházy, to play, producing about 200 works for the music hobbyist prince. Here's...
  7. Peter Frary

    Sanoe - Leeward Coast Ukulele Band

    Queen Liliʻuokalani's Sanoe performed by the Leeward Coast Ukulele Band, directed by Grace Seil Frary. Students are enrolled in MUS 122Z, 'Ukulele 2, at Leeward Community College.
  8. Peter Frary

    The Sound of Silence - Leeward Coast Ukulele Band

    Students in the MUS 122Z, 'Ukulele 2, class at Leeward Community College playing my arrangement of "The Sound of Silence." Although it's my wife's class, I'm off in the corner conducting. Because of the Corona thing, all University of Hawaii System classes are supposed to be online. So yesterday...
  9. Peter Frary

    Walk, Don't Run - Doghair 'Ukulele

    Mo' Doghair with the Johnny Smith tune, "Walk, Don't Run." I tried to inject a wee bit of Southern Spanish flavor into this surf era classic.
  10. Peter Frary

    The Sound of Silence, Doghair Style

    Tickling the big brown strings of my Kala Doghair on a Simon classic:
  11. Peter Frary

    Kala Elite Doghair Tenor Review

    Aloha everybody, I've been enjoying playing my new Kala Doghair for the past month and posted a full review on my website with photos and audio:
  12. Peter Frary

    Haydn on my new Doghair

    Haydn on my new Kala Elite Doghair tenor:
  13. Peter Frary

    Kanaka Waiwai - 'ukulele and guitar duet

    Students tearing up an old favorite in Grace Frary's 'Ukulele 2 class at Leeward Community College.
  14. Peter Frary

    Scarborough Fair by the Leeward Coast Ukuleles!

    I'm "guest" conductor in my wife's ukulele class at Leeward Community College. The students of MUS 122Z, 'Ukulele 2, play Scarborough Fair!
  15. Peter Frary

    Norwegian Wood played by the Leeward Coast Ukulele Band!

    Norwegian Wood ensemble recital in my wife's MUS 122Z, 'Ukulele 2, course at Leeward Community College.
  16. Peter Frary

    Seaguar STS Salmon fluorocarbon

    I've always used custom string sets on my guitars and ukuleles and seem to be getting increasingly picky as I get older. I've been experimenting with Seaguar fluorocarbon for the past year or so—Premier, Pink, Red, Blue—and finally, STS Salmon. They all sound and feel a little different but STS...
  17. Peter Frary

    Leeward Coast Redux - original for ukulele

    My wife's students playing my original piece, Leeward Coast Redux. The performers are enrolled in MUS 122Z, 'Ukulele 2, at Leeward Community College.
  18. Peter Frary

    Minuet in G Major by J.S. Bach

    Three of my wife's students tearing up Bach's Minuet in G. They're enrolled in her MUS 122Z, 'Ukulele 2, course at Leeward Community College. The performer on guitar, Deither, was supposed to play ukulele but forgot his instrument so we made him play guitar instead. The arrangement actually came...
  19. Peter Frary

    Romero Creations Baritone 6 Review

    Folks, took me about 6 months but I finally I posted my review of the Romero Creations Baritone 6:
  20. Peter Frary

    Torija - Castles of Spain

    I used to be more ambitious in my filming than of late. But here I am doing what I do. My wife said I should make a ramen challenge channel—they get millions of views—but I don't care for noodles much.