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  1. BenJazz

    Style 3 Myrtle Soprano

    Cool uke, Mr. Brad! That’s a great Myrtle set. Ben
  2. BenJazz

    Hilo Hawaiian Vintage Ukulele - Repost

    Aloha, I have posted my vintage Hilo Hawaiian ukulele and have no interest because it was OVERPRICED. Lol. I talked with a collector and he said that it is in great condition. The last time I posted it, it was $500, I did not know it was overpriced back then. It developed a crack too. Here I am...
  3. BenJazz

    Your Favorite Sounding Custom Ukulele

    My Donaldson soprano ukulele. Custom made to my specifications. -Soprano Ditson/Martin body -Sitka Spruce top -Honduran Mahogany back/sides -Ebony fretboard, saddle, bridge. -Rosewood bindings with purfling -Koa Rosette -Crescent Moon inlay and my name inlay at 12th fret. -Special Headplate...
  4. BenJazz

    Low G smoothwound strings...

    Aloha. I can’t decide. Which one should I choose? Are there any other smoothwound Low G strings? Fremont Soloist or Uke Logic Gold Alloy Benjamin :)
  5. BenJazz

    I can

    Low G strings Aloha! I can
  6. BenJazz

    Brad Donaldson Vintage longneck koa/spruce longneck soprano

    Here’s my custom Donaldson Uke.
  7. BenJazz

    Brad Donaldson Ukuleles

    Done!!!! Those are PegHeds. Love how short they are!
  8. BenJazz

    KoAloha lowered their prices on the Made in Hawaii series???

    Looks like KoAloha lowered their price a bit. Made in Hawaii All Mango KoAloha soprano for $770. Check their website!!!!:)
  9. BenJazz

    Brad Donaldson Ukuleles

    Here’s the pictures. Enjoy!!!! :D Getting there! I have more picture of what’s going on now. Will post them soon. Those pictures above have been taken days ago. Benjamin
  10. BenJazz

    Different Styles of Cutaway

    Florentine? Venetian? Bevel? Which one loses the least volume?
  11. BenJazz

    Is this a good deal? 💵 💰 Ko’olau Ukulele

    Hellllllooooo everybody. How is it going? Is this a good deal for someone who wants a beautiful, rare ukulele for a very affordable price? Look at this beautiful Ko’olau Pinepple Concert Ukulele:):) Benjamin
  12. BenJazz

    Binding: Yes or No

    Say Yes to binding? Or say No to binding?:):D In my opinion. I say Yes to binding. Benjamin
  13. BenJazz

    Brad Donaldson Ukuleles

    Who own a Donaldson Uke? I'm waiting for my custom Donaldson ukulele to finish. He is a very nice gentleman and he's very careful about choosing wood for the ukulele. His instruments are gorgeous. Way to go Mr. Brad:D:D Benjamin
  14. BenJazz

    What about straps? Different types.

    Hi everybody. What about straps? What type of straps do you like?:D:D:D
  15. BenJazz

    Gotoh UPT tuners Vs Peghed tuners

    PegHed tuners come in two different finish. The original or the nickel. Benjamin
  16. BenJazz

    Gotoh UPT tuners Vs Peghed tuners

    Aloha! Do you prefer Peghed tuners or Gotoh UPT tuners?:):)
  17. BenJazz

    FS: Rare Vintage Soprano Hilo Hawaiian Ukulele ~ 1930s

    Hello everybody, you're looking at a Vintage Soprano Hilo Hawaiian Ukulele from the 1930s. It play and sound gorgeous. No cracks or dents. The body is Mahogany as well as the neck... Very solid condition for its age. It is Made in Hawaii. This Hilo Hawaiian brand is not to be confuse with the...
  18. BenJazz

    Hilo Hawaiian Vintage Ukulele ~ 1930s

    Hello fellow ukulele players, is anyone familiar with the brand Hilo Hawaiian. They are from the 1930s and they are Made in Hawaii. These are to be not confuse with the Chinese one. Will post for sale soon!:):)
  19. BenJazz

    Hello from South California.

    Hello. I'm from OC. I played the ukulele. I'm pretty new to this forum...:)