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  1. deadpool

    WTB Outdoor Soprano

    I live down the street from the factory, so if no one has a good deal on one, I'll just get one there. But, would like to save some $$$ if I can. Thanks!
  2. deadpool

    Too Many Instruments

    Currently I play Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro (square neck), Ukulele (all low G Tenor), and Anglo Concertina-none well. I've played guitar for 20+ years so it is not on the block, so to speak. Of the others, I need to eliminate at least one. I don't have a special attachment to any of them. I...
  3. deadpool

    Is the Ukulele Underappreciated

    What do you think in general? Do non-uke players think of the uke as a toy? I guess my observations start with Tiny Tim and tip toe through the tulips. That has certainly not engendered our instrument in a lot of baby boomers minds-that's for sure. I started on the ukulele about 10 years...
  4. deadpool

    Islander AT-4 For Sale

    Islander acacia tenor in nice shape for sale. Currently strung in low G with Fremont Blackline strings. Comes with a gig bag. $100 plus $25 shipping. I have too many ukes-need to downsize a bit, so this is available. Thanks for looking.
  5. deadpool

    Belize Trip - Humidity

    I'm about to take a trip to Belize (Ambergris Cay). I plan to take a ukulele along. The humidity there is off the charts high, even with a de-humidifier in the room. I can take an all laminate (I have 2) or a solid top -laminate back and sides. I would prefer to take the solid top, but worry...
  6. deadpool

    NUD-Pono AT-CR Tenor

    My brand spanking new Pono arrived yesterday from The Ukulele Site. Set up was spot on; I had them set it up with a low G string. Playability is exceptional. It is a really well constructed instrument. No excess glue or anything in the interior. Cosmetically it appears flawless. I do have...
  7. deadpool

    Why is it called "re-entrant"?

    So, it's gCEA. Or "high G". Then there's low G. So, why is high G called re-entrant? Where did this term come from? Inquiring minds want to know....... Thanks!
  8. deadpool

    Which Mahogany Tenor

    So, what do you think? Mainland, Kala, Ohana, Pono or ??? Thanks
  9. deadpool

    I'm Hopeless! (Maybe I should give up)

    Monitors-Please delete this thread
  10. deadpool

    High G or low G for fingerpicking?

    As a guitar finger picker, it seems more logical to go with low G, but curious as to popular opinion....
  11. deadpool

    New guy......sort of

    Greetings All, I’ve been a member for some time, but drifted away from here and the ukulele several years ago. I’ve started up once again and seem to be starting from square one, so thought I’d reintroduce myself. First to clarify my username. I did an online quiz a long time ago that said my...
  12. deadpool

    NUD-Kala TEM

    I’ve been AWOL from this forum and ukuleles in general for several years having given away all my ukes. Well, yesterday I returned to the fold. After flying to Maui, I bought the subject uke after a/b ing it with a couple of Islanders and another Kala. This one has some exceptional flame and...
  13. deadpool

    Keli'i Soprano

    All solid wood koa over mahogany Soprano ukulele. Small professionally repaired stress crack that occurred during shipping-otherwise mint. Really cannot see where the crack was if you didn't know it was there. Very sweet tone. Very little play. Selling because I no longer play ukulele...
  14. deadpool

    George Harrison Documentary

    Yesterday there was a documentary on the life of George on HBO made by Martin Scorsese. Very well done with some uke playing by George and a humorous story by Tom Petty about George showing up at his house with a trunk full of ukes and teaching him how to play and then giving him a bunch of...
  15. deadpool

    The Dreaded First Plateau

    Well 6 weeks into the uke and I think I have hit my first plateau. I have gone through multiple plateaus on the guitar and suck so bad at mandolin, I don't think I have hit any plateaus on it-ha ha. On the guitar, I just keep plugging away and eventually you get through it. I am curious as...
  16. deadpool

    UAS-Cured! (I hope)

    I have only been playing ukulele a short while. Somehow I have amassed 5 ukes. The most recent being an Ohana CK 50WG purchased from Mim. I had for a brief time a Lanikai SMC that while beautiful - I just couldn't love the sound. The Ohana is just what I wanted for a finger picking concert...
  17. deadpool

    Kamaka Concert on Seattle Craigs List

    Here is what appears to be a killer deal (NFI).
  18. deadpool

    Another Stupid String Question

    I have had my Kala KA-C for about a month now. I has Aquila Nylgut strings on it - those are what it came with. I am happy with the tone while strumming, but when picked the tone is sort of "muddy" for lack of a better term. Curious as to whether Worth Clears may have better definition and...
  19. deadpool

    Coconami Radio

    This may have been posted before, but I searched and found nothing-perhaps a newbie mistake. Anyway, in my continuing quest to listen to ukulele music at work, I found this I doesn't seem to be as repetitive as Uke Farm Radio and no it...
  20. deadpool

    Do Laminates Open Up?

    OK, first of all I know the whole opening up thing is a can of worms. Opinions vary widely and wildly on both sides of the "do ukuleles (guitars, mandolins, etc.) open up with time and playing. My Kala KA-C is laminated wood (it is the only laminated instrument I have ever owned). Assuming...