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    Using CNC To Build Ukuleles - Good or Bad?

    In case there is any doubt, Pete knows what he is talking about. Consider the possibility that a piano factory with a staff of employees and higher production numbers might present a very different situation as compared to an artisanal craftsman. The idea that costly CNC hardware and software...
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    Using CNC To Build Ukuleles - Good or Bad? 1. pocket slots for frets 2. logo inlay Except for these uses, I prefer to handcraft my instruments.
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    Bridge Problem

    Drill straight down through the top and make that one string a "string through". Use a small drill bit, not much larger in diameter than the string. Push the string through until you can fish the end out through the sound hole. Back the knot up with a bead that is large enough to spread out the...
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    Moore Bettah scratch repair

    By all means, see if Chuck can be helpful. Attempts to fix even minor cosmetic issues can make matters much worse rather than better unless done by an experienced person who is familiar with repairs and with the particular methods and materials that were used to put the finish on in the first...
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    New Onos

    Lately, I've been working out a new construction method. The description is a little too long to post here so I've put the details in my blog at: Here are two instruments that are built with the new technique. The first is a Pheasant wood tenor that will soon be off to...
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    New Ono Tenor - Claro Walnut and Port Orford Cedar

    I've just completed this 17 inch tenor and it will soon be available at The back and sides are remarkably figured and colored claro walnut. The one piece back is unusual because it's not easy to find wood of this quality that is wide enough. The top is master grade Port...
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    Stew-Mac Spool Clamps

    24 Stew-Mac Spool Clamps. Barely used. $100, includes mailing in conus only.
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    New Ono Tenor - Bubinga, Ancient Spruce and 18" Scale

    Yesterday I took photos of this new tenor before packing it up to send to the owner. The back and sides are unusually figured bubinga that shows both curl and quilting. Both are laminated with combinations of bubinga, cherry, maple and Adirondack spruce. The top is ancient spruce that took on...
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    New Ono Amazon Rosewood Tenor

    This is a 17" tenor built with laminated sides and back. The sides are three layers with Amazon rosewood on the outside and inside and ebony as the core. The back also has Amazon rosewood on the outside and inside and Adirondack spruce as the core. The top is Adirondack spruce with Adirondack...
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    Ono Myrtle Tenor

    This new 17" tenor has myrtle back and sides with a creamy Port Orford cedar top. The body and fretboard bindings are curly koa. Spherical fret ends are an extra touch that improve both the feel and appearance of the radiused fretboard. It's strung with the excellent "soft" Uke Logic strings...
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    New Ono Baritone

    This is some very unusual claro walnut. I've seen it called "marblecake," which is just somebody's idea of good marketing but, nevertheless, that's a pretty good description. The construction is my new laminated technique with the inner layers being some nice but less distinguished claro and the...
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    New Laminated Ukuleles from Ono

    For the past year or so, I’ve been working out techniques to laminate sides and backs. The point isn’t to streamline construction and it certainly doesn’t do that. The goal is tonal with the secondary advantage of durability. This is not the sort of lamination that we see at the lower end of the...
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    Shop-Built Bridge Clamps

    If off-the-shelf bridge clamps don't do it for you, try making them from a steel drawer pull, aluminum tubing and standard furniture bolts that are widely available at hardware stores.
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    Problem with login

    I’m unable to connect to the UU server from a Mac using either Safari or Chrome. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?
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    Ono Cocobolo Tenor to Benefit Fire Victims

    We're up the road a ways from the horrible fire in and near Paradise, California. Through a local nonprofit, my wife and her buddies are getting together a package of clothes, toys, other items and cash for a family that lost everything. All proceeds from the sale of this instrument will be...
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    New Pernambuco Tenor from Ono

    Pernambuco is among the rarest of tone woods and its tonal qualities are often compared favorably with the most sought-after rosewoods. It is also prized for the beauty of its grain and unique color. This tenor has a standard 17” scale and 14 frets to the body. The top is Adirondack spruce...
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    New Ono Koa Tenor - 18" Scale

    This new tenor updates the classic Hawaiian look with some more current features: 18" scale tuned to Bb using TI basses and Savarez trebles Torrefied Sitka spruce top Macassar ebony top bindings Side sound port Radiused ebony fretboard EVO gold frets K&K Aloha Twin pickup
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    New Ono Ebony Tenor - 18" Scale

    I just learned that it's not easy to photograph shiny ebony. This back and sides set is West African ebony and has some subtle grey streaks that are hard to capture. The top is reclaimed redwood, the radiused fretboard is Brazilian kingwood and the body and fretboard bindings are ebony. It's...
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    Ono 18" Scale Amazon Rosewood Tenor - Tuned Linear G

    No kidding. DGBE on a tenor body. Other than that unusual departure, the build is my "Wahoo Tenor" model, which has premium features including a slotted head stock with Rubner tuners, radiused fret board, EVO gold fret wire, glossy lacquer finish and side sound port. The top is Adirondack...
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    New Ono Koa Tenor

    This one is ready to ship so I grabbed a few photos before boxing it up. The koa is truly master grade from Notable Woods, with excellent color, figure and tonal properties. The bindings, board and bridge are Macassar ebony. The finish is glossy lacquer on the body and epoxy on the mahogany...