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  1. xommen

    500! The Songs of Ukulele Underground

    I am on a seasons break (for however long it takes), but I thought I would not mis out on season 500, here is my take on Lovesong by the Cure.
  2. xommen

    Album: Koffers

    I just finished a record full of covers with a good friend of mine Remco Takken, it's called Koffers, which is a Dutch "joke" referring to Cover (it sound about the same). Here you can listen to the result:
  3. xommen

    Recordings of my Band UKE22

    We had a recording session this Monday at our Practice Space, Sound engineering done by our Friend Remco Takken. Mixing and Mastering done by me at Studio the Bedroom. After some Mixing this is the result: More info on my band is here...
  4. xommen

    Seaso 238 : Sharknado Time!

    My Shark arrived nicely, and is now living on my Telecaster. Thanks for a great season Gina.
  5. xommen

    Percussion recommendations for multi-track

    I just want to add that playing with other people helps a lot in maintaining rhythm, in my band I play with a drummer and bass player that know I can skip half a beat somewhere and get it back somewhere else. But they do tell me when I do that, and it made me a lot better at maintaining rhythm...
  6. xommen

    Season 205: Vertical Expressions of a Horizontal Desire

    Got some really nice buttons today, thx Janet, I love them.
  7. xommen

    Dancing Barefoot Live at DWK Zutphen (in the Netherlands).

    Recorded live at DWK in Zutphen. Sound was great, and the sound guy his recording skills are superb. But we mostly had the other band that was playing, as and audience (they where with 10 people). Which is why my bandmate in the intro is telling them, the next time we will also bring our horns...
  8. xommen

    Repurposing Your Uke

    This one is actually playable, built by a Dutch guy called Ton Laarman. A not so good video of him playing it is here:
  9. xommen

    The first gig of my Band UKE22

    My band had our first gig today, unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as I would have liked, but we and the audience that was there, had fun. This is our opening song and the announcement (in Dutch), if you have more time to spare click on the link to the playlist below...
  10. xommen

    season 95 of the ukulele – sounds of the seventies – disco, glam rock, abba

    I got a nice surprise today, and wanted to especially share the artwork (on the right in the picture) Lynda made with you guys, thanks Birds Eye View of my Uke. I'm totally grooving to 70's music here.
  11. xommen

    a short (re)view of my Concert ukes

    I recently got two new concert uke, and I already had an Epiphone Les Paul, so I thought somebody might be interested in a comparison:
  12. xommen

    Tributes to my Father and Brother

    I decided to make a seperate topic for this to not hijack the 46th season of the ukulele I posted the video about my Brother. I want to thank everybody who took the time to listen to this. Also many thanks to all who have made heartfelt comments on my youtube video. And of course to all who have...
  13. xommen

    Should probably introduce myself properly on the forum: Wim from the Netherland

    I am Wim van Ommen, I'm 40 years old when I write this ;-). I'm an IT guy form the Netherlands, I used to play only Guitar, so I have some of those: At a certain stage I bought a Bassguitar to try that out, so I do have some of those: Then I met somebody on holidays with a uke, and thought I...