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    Forest fire arson, maple poaching

    “ He poached maple trees prized as wood for musical instruments and brought them to lumber mills.” ~~~~~~~~~~ Tree DNA helps convict Washington timber thief after fire by: Associated Press Posted: Jul 11, 2021 / 04:44 PM EDT / Updated: Jul 11, 2021 / 04:44 PM EDT TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A federal...
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    Pepe Romero Jr.~ Journey & Design Elements May 28, 2021

    Pepe Romero Jr HCC’s Virtual Guitar Classroom Lesson #7: Pepe Romero Jr, luthier (his journey and design elements) Streamed live on May 28, 2021 Speaking parts are soft, using external speakers might help. Link starts at 18:45, philosophy of why we build & play guitars...
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    Link to Jake Concert 7pm CST, 5/27/2021

    For an hour of Jake Shimabukuro & his uku, *free*, I will totally act like I am interested in AARP... Didn't see this up on AARP's YT yet but hopefully might appear there eventually.
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    NUD: Bruce Wei GUT11-2001 Pocket Unboxing

    Unboxing only. Will try to come back & add sound sample after string change has settled. Excellent, robust packaging, very fair shipping costs, shipped faster than expected (4 days via DHL from Ho Chi Min City to major city on west coast of USA; ordered March 7th w usual eBay name with 1st...
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    Who is the maker of this acoustic guitar?

    Guitar in action:
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    Fiddle Pick-up Question: Open to Source Pick-up for Magic Fluke Cricket Fiddle?

    I am seriously considering getting a Magic Fluke Cricket Fiddle. I don't usually (or ever, really) do any recording, but if I did I would think that one installed by MF would have advantages? I sort of would rather than add it but not need it that need it but didn't add it on the initial...
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    Friday Aloha... Mr. Kanile'a & a few other tenors &...

    The guy way on the left w/ the black hoody is pretty amazing too (understatement)... more than for just his music (understatement). This is one of those times where I've chosen to ask for forgiveness (if needed) rather than ask these guys if I can post this... Mr. Kanile'a's personal uke is...
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    NUD: Came home my new curly Oha-C yesterday...

    after a long road trip (to the desert southwest w/ one dog, so left all ukes at home), came home to this Kanilea Kanile'a OHA concert: (overhead lighting) (flash) Kanilea's usual wood options for Koa tops for their non-Oha lines are "select", "deluxe", "premium", "master"... I think I might...
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    OUTDOOR GUITAR™ Jan 2020 ship | guilele-like specs | spec comparison

    FYI. Similar specs to some Guitalele Guilele Guitarlele Kiku kīkū for comparison: PONO AB-6 overall length ≈ baritone uke (~30") Nut width: 1 3/4" . Scale Length: 20" Kanile'a GL6 Super Tenor body 2″ classical guitar nut width 20″ scale length Klos Mini Dreadnought Travel Scale...
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    How to define "Hawaiian Sound"? What makes an Ukulele "Sound Hawaiian"?

    How to define "Hawaiian Sound"? What makes an Ukulele "Sound Hawaiian"? Discuss: How would uke experienced &/or native/long-term Hawaiian uke players would describe what they mean by "that Hawaiian sound"... It's clear that Hawaiian ukuleles have a distinctly different sound from Tahitian...
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    Cushy case cover, backpack converter, music storage for shaped tenor cases

    Just received this: Happy to find out it fits pretty well, not too sloppily, over standard shaped tenor hard (wood) cases. Keeps peripheral stuff in one place...
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    Name for this hardware on hard cases?

    What are these things called? (both parts: the D ring & the thing holding the D ring onto the case)? Thanks in advance!
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    G-Sharp Guitar (18 Frets, 530mm scale length)

    Went to see John Gorka live last night (for the 1st time in decadeS)... "Where the Bottles Break" (which he wrote in 1991, but rings horrifically even truer since Nov 2016) has usually been done on a G-Sharp guitar since receiving on one in the 2000's. My video missed some of his commentary on...
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    La Vie En Rose ~ Abe Lagrimas Jr, Cynthia Lin, UkeLenny & Neal Chin Dec 15, 2018

    Encore for Cynthia Lin's "Cozy Christmas Ukulele Concert", December 15, 2018 La Vie En Rose ~ (L to R) Abe Lagrimas Jr, Cynthia Lin, UkeLenny & Neal Chin
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    10 uke's in 3 weeks

    I bought 10 ukes in three weeks & my other half didn't get grumpy! In fact, they signed up for ukes classes after the 1st ones arrived, despite never having played any musical instruments in their life. And just now, they went & picked up one of the ukes (right after coffee #1) & tried out a new...
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    Are there names for this fretboard style & cutaway?

    Are there names for this fretboard style & cutaway?
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    Optimal humidity for rehydrating ~30+yr old uke, 70% OK?

    I'm rehydrating an early-ish Kamaka White label soprano, using two dampits inside the ukulele & simple humidifiers outside, all now sitting in a plastic tub inside a plastic bag. I'm planning on having a crack repair done in 3 weeks or so. I put a hygrometer probe inside the uke. Is it safe to...
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    2nd Uke ever - Special K

    One thing led to another last week & a half... I somehow ordered four ukuleles. Make that five as of last night. Not a zillionaire. Timing, opportunity (a very very fair one) & life just aligned. This is the 2nd one to arrive. 2nd uke ever. For my 1st "real" uke, I wanted a high quality uke...
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    Kala Waterman: Unboxing, 1st sounds, 1st uke ever [no word VIDEO]

    And so it begins... One thing led to another last week & I somehow ordered four ukuleles. This is the 1st one to arrive. 1st uke ever, 2nd time having a uke in my hands... 1st sounds after unboxing & sorta tuning (was at PO Box/cafe so had to keep it soft)...