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  1. mineymole

    Torraine Banjo Ukulele by William Lange, ca. 1930

    Torraine Banjo Ukulele by William Lange, ca. 1930 Fully reconditioned, 12 hex-shoes, flat hooks, 16 fret maple neck, 7 inch capped rim, friction pegs. Skin head produces loud clear tone. $450 shipped in the CONUS. Photos here:
  2. mineymole

    Pohaku Elm Burl Soprano

    Pohaku Cedar & Curly Walnut Soprano Pohaku Royal Elm Soprano by Luthier Peter Hurney of Berkeley, California. Western Cedar top, back and sides California curly walnut, Elm burl face plate on head, Honduran Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard. Comes in Pohaku case. Peghead tuners. About the...
  3. mineymole

    Anyone selling a banjo?

    Looking for a Magic Fluke Firefly 5 String banjo, or a travel banjo or a-scale banjo.
  4. mineymole

    WTB: Rebel Soprano

    Looking for a Rebel Soprano.
  5. mineymole

    WTB: Pohaku Concert 10 or Soprano

    WTB: Pohaku Concert 10 or Soprano I know it
  6. mineymole

    Pohaku reviews?

    Anyone hear own a soprano or concert 10 by Pohaku Ukuleles? Do you like it? Can't find any reviews.
  7. mineymole

    Rebel Cheesecake or Creme Brulee Soprano?

    Rebel Cheesecake or Creme Brulee Soprano? I cannot make up my mind. Help me.
  8. mineymole

    Pono AC - Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele

    Pono AC Excellent condition Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele. Strung with Aquila Reds, C in Aquila Lava. Includes soft case. Here is a sound sample: $240 shipped in the USA Photos:
  9. mineymole

    Ohana SK-39 - Solid Mahogany Soprano

    Ohana SK-39 - Soprano Solid mahogany. Strings Aquila Sugars. Excellent condition. Bought in December from Mim. Here is a demo of this sweet little uke: $175 shipped to your US location. Photos:
  10. mineymole

    Old Pegs

    These old pegs are on a 1930 banjo ukulele I purchased and they are just about impossible to tune because the screw heads are pretty stripped. I
  11. mineymole

    NUD: 96 art Tenor Redwood & Myrtle

    I received this beautiful Tenor ukulele from luthier Nathan Enders of upstate New York. The top is Redwood and the body is Myrtle. The neck is a laminate of curly maple, walnut, and black cherry. Fretboard and bridge are ziricote. And a paua abalone rosette. Tuners are Grover. Bone saddle &...
  12. mineymole

    Clawhammer & picking

    What wood combo? What uke? Recommendations!
  13. mineymole

    Koaloha Opio issues

    I purchased a concert Koaloha Opio on the board and I seem to have issues with it staying in tune - especially the E string. I can actually see it slip out of tune. Would it be wise to change the tuners? Perhaps planetary tuners? I can't seem to find Koaloha replacements anywhere.
  14. mineymole

    WTB Solid Acacia Tenor

    Looking for a used Kala KA-SA-T Kala KA-SA-TE-C Pono ATD Islander SAT4 Would also consider a Snail or Flight solid acacia as well.
  15. mineymole

    Magic Fluke Firefly Soprano

    Walnut. Upgraded Gotah Tuners. Hardwood fretboard. Side dots. Denim soft case. Price $225 Shipping $25. New this would be $412+ Photos:
  16. mineymole

    best online ukulele courses

    What are the best uke courses out there online? Recommendations?
  17. mineymole

    1940s or 1950's Martin O Soprano

    1940s or 1950's Martin O Soprano in good condition. Strung with Aquila Reds. Comes with an original canvas case for a collector. But I will put it in a foam case for shipping. $400 + shipping. Photos...
  18. mineymole

    Lyon & Healy Camp Uke 1920s

    Lyon & Healy Camp Uke 1920s Condition is okay. See photos here: $100 plus fees & shipping
  19. mineymole

    Mya-Moe Tenor Ukulele - Curly Myrtle + case

    Beautiful curly Myrtle Tenor Mya-Moe. Made by Gordon and Char Mayer. Plays beautifully. Comes with a tweed hard case. Here is the uke tracker info: Strung for low-g. Photos here:
  20. mineymole

    Martin 1950's Soprano Ukulele

    Sweet Martin 1950's Soprano Ukulele in good shape and plays beautifully. Comes with a soft case and the original soft canvas case. Photos here: $600 Includes shipping in the Continental USA.