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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    I beta’d the course and like it. Talking to Andrew, it’s set up more like how they learn in Hawaii so there’s less of an emphasis on strumming patterns or chord charts and more about watching his fingers and listening to apply it yourself to get beyond the first four frets. It doesn’t outright...
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    Ukulele Instruction

    An awful lot of people learn a thing and then immediately try to teach it. I think it muddies the waters when you’re looking for stuff with more substance.
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    How would you make a ukulele sound like an electric guitar?

    A Digitech Drop pedal would be my first purchase. I have one and it’s great. After that, straight into my iPad running JamUp Pro so I have access to different amps and more pedals. JamUp doesn’t have an octave pedal nearly as strong as the Drop, though.
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    Which finish

    When I lived in HI, I had poly and lacquer and both were fine. Then I moved to GA and it feels like I’m living on the sun for most of the year and they’re still fine.
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    Looking for a recommended repair tech/shop for re-string , in Honolulu .

    You could drive up to Haleiwa and have the guys at the Ukulele Site show you how to do it. They had an ukulele that was cut in half when I lived there for customers to practice on.
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    Low G on soprano

    I put a low G on my Pono and like it quite a bit!
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    Best string brand for beginner???

    At this point it’s more about just playing, learning, and having a good time. You’ll develop tastes over time that will come naturally. Not a big deal right now. :-)
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    Strap Pros and Cons?

    Pros: ease of use, the top can vibrate more, greater freedom of movement, less muscle strain. Cons: purists.
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    Fountain Pens and Paper

    I recommend the Pilot Metro, a bottle of ink, and a pack of conversion cartridges. It’s nothing too fancy, but she’ll get a feel for what she likes (refilling her own cartridges, the size of the tip, the feel of metal, the reality of fountain pen use, etc) and you can always say when she narrows...
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    Artistworks lessons

    I subscribed for a year and loved it. There’s a lot of free stuff on YouTube, but most of it doesn’t have a flow that a curriculum brings and even more of it is taught by beginners showing what they just learned. It’s tough to separate the chaff from the wheat and then figure out what order the...
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    Need Help With Technique I Think

    After 13 years, I hope they figured out D. ;-)
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    Eddie Vedder's songbook

    The legit one looks like this.
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    Difference between cheap and expensive piezo pick ups?

    I prefer Dazzos, but the difference seems to be more in compression ranges than anything else.
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    String change anxiety

    I only had to snap a couple guitar strings and end up bleeding before the sound of a string being tuned up would make me start sweating. ;-)
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    Eddie Vedder's songbook

    No. There’s a book out there that has the music for the album. It was a limited release, then a limited PDF release, and now it’s not out there at all. A real bummer.
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    Eddie Vedder's songbook

    I too would love to see this. When Covid first started hitting really bad I was constantly listening to the album and looking for it. I even wrote a letter to them and asked for them to re-release it as a PDF since they had done so previously. Alas, no response.
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    The Great American Songbook

    Right now it’s just Paper Moon and Autumn Leaves. I need to memorize the end of Fly Me to the Moon and add it to my repertoire, but I’ve been hung up on Sway right now. Then I want to do Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away,” (far cry from the Songbook) and then some more Christmas tunes because that’s...
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    Best ukulele absolute beginners book assuming no music knowledge and is for morons?

    I always recommend Alfred’s Ukulele for Kids. Sure, you’re not a kid, but think about it: a book geared toward children is going to assume zero music knowledge and will use easier language. This book covers the uke, chords, and teaches you how to read music. It culminates in a gentle mix of...
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    fingerstyle playing--fingers used and chord changes

    I use both depending on how much work all the strings need. If I can get away with it, I’ll use thumb, index, and middle finger only but I’m not so set on it that I’ll make life harder on myself if there needs to be four string patterns. ;-)
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    Hallelujah (Fingerstyle)

    I’ve always liked this song and wanted to learn it and then Ten Thumbs put out an arrangement on it and I couldn’t resist. It was definitely the toughest piece I’ve tackled so far and since our discussion on songs we aren’t excited to play or hear in the ukulele world a few weeks ago, I’m a...