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  1. joneo

    Will keeping ukuleles in tune when not being played warp the neck?

    Hello, I have a number of ukuleles and some don't get played very often. I do rotate playing them depending on the circumstances or how I'm feeling that day, however. Is it bad to keep all these ukuleles in tune even if not being played for a length of time? None have steel strings. They are...
  2. joneo

    X brace CBU?

    Hello, I have a cigar box ukulele that I bought on Etsy a while back that is bowing at the top. I plan to put in an X brace to see if that helps. I am not a luthier but will give this a shot. If I totally screw it up I have more cigar boxes and anyways will learn something from the process...
  3. joneo

    Makala Shark ~ new strings

    So awhile ago I purchased a Makala Shark for the sole purpose of having a super cheap "beater" uke that I would not be too concerned about and could leave in the car from time to time. Purchased from ABC Music in Salem, OR it came setup with decent intonation. However, the stock Aquila strings...
  4. joneo

    Is there a way to see all of my old posts?

    Is there a way to see all of my old posts?
  5. joneo

    Learning Music Theory in Relation to Ukuleles on a Keyboard

    Picking up the 'ukulele has inspired me to learn music theory. As others have stated elsewhere, having a keyboard is a really good learning tool for this endeavor. The downside though, is that keyboards/pianos are not generally as portable as an 'ukulele. One small exception is the Casio SA-46...
  6. joneo

    My Wife Left Town with a Banana (I told u I would do it)

    :nana: but I never said that I could actually sing, lol! :nana:
  7. joneo

    My Wife Left Town With A Banana

    If you help me learn this simple song on the ukulele I will dress up like a banana and play it back. Please and Thank You:nana:
  8. joneo

    DIY Strap from Paracord with a Petros Strap Button on my Tenor

    So, I don't use a strap with my sopranos. I find they are small enough to hold comfortably, for me. But the tenor is quite large, comparatively. And after debating about it for some time, I finally decided to get a strap button put on my tenor. But I didn't want just any old strap button ~ and...
  9. joneo

    SB Electric Fluke Review with Pignose Hog 30 Bass Amp

    Quick video review of my new Electric Solid Body Fluke!
  10. joneo

    Intonation on new Teton STEU102 solid body tenor?

    Today I went to my local music store, and checked out a couple solid body electric Teton STEU102 ukuleles. They seemed really cool but when checking the intonation at the 12th fret, they both had similar issues, where one string was flat and others were sharp. (gb, C#, E#, A) Could that be a...
  11. joneo

    Aloha from Oregon!

    Howdy y'all, been lurking here for a couple months, reading, learning, and playing my ukuleles as much as I can. Figured it was time to create a profile, and step out of the shadows. New to ukuleles in general, and have already been bitten by the UAS bug. 😨😈😉 How did I end up here? Guess...