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  1. jwieties

    Who Owns A Pohaku Ukulele? Show us your pics!!

    I've been meaning to do a review of the Pohaku concert I recently picked up. It's incredible! Outstanding playability, tone and looks! Here's a few pics of it from Peter's website.
  2. jwieties

    Redwood as a tonewood

    Here's my redwood/myrtle Covered Bridge. It's a canon!
  3. jwieties

    Legendary Ukuleles

    As I mentioned in this thread, I wanted to share a new resource I found. "The Gibson" was purchased from David Graves of "Legendary Ukuleles". David grew up in Hawaii and now lives...
  4. jwieties

    Vintage Gibson NUD

    My family wanted to get me something special for my 40th birthday, and what better than a new uke. So, a few weeks ago I began my search. I didn't want to go to crazy with the price, but wanted something unique, special and fun. I started off asking around, looking for handful of customs such...
  5. jwieties

    Cool New Case

    Nope... only says "heavy duty", but by the looks I would say 5-ply. I look forward to finding out in a few days. Still quality-wise based on the video and pictures look much closer to this case, which I have several of and am very happy with. Rather then this one, which I've seen several...
  6. jwieties

    Cool New Case

    Hold on to your wallets and prepare for a major case of CAS. Appears to be an extremely well built/designed case with looks to kill. Love the light color (as opposed to black), leather handle, quality buckles, vintage style and the...
  7. jwieties

    Vintage Birthday Surprise

    Came home from work to find a package at my door. I have a dear friend who always goes overboard for my birthday. When I saw the return address name on the box I immediately knew that she had outdone herself this time. Prior to becoming a uke fanatic, I was crazy about all things acoustic...
  8. jwieties

    Raleigh NC - New Uke Jam

    Lots of cool uke stuff going on in the Triangle over the next couple months. UOGB, Little Rev and Aaron & Nicole Keim (check out gig and show section of forum for some details) will all be in the area. I learned last night that a new Uke Jam is about to get started in Raleigh. Sure to be a...
  9. jwieties

    Aaron Keim (The Quiet American) North Carolina - Nov 7th Workshop and Mini Concert

    Extremely excited to announce that Aaron Keim (The Quiet American) will be offering a Workshop and Mini-concert North Carolina. Here's the details: Date: Nov 7th Place: Durham NC - 5103 Revere Road - Baha'i Community Center Time: 7pm - 9pm Cost: $20 I'm a huge fan of Aaron's music and when...
  10. jwieties

    Run and Tell Your Daddy - David Newton Tenor

    Been wanting to post something with my new tenor... This is "Run and Tell Your Daddy" as played by Del Rey on her blues DVD. It's not yet under my fingers the way I would like. Ultimately need to be able to sing with it, but not there yet. Also, my little point and shoot camera doesn't do the...
  11. jwieties

    The Cure's "Love Song" covered by The Sidekicks

    As a teenager, my wife loved The Cure. For her birthday, my "band" decided to cover Love Song as one of her presents. Managed to get it done without her knowing (the 6 year old has loose lips :)) and posted it on her facebook page. I've never been much of a singer, in fact I hate singing, but...
  12. jwieties

    David Newton Dias Tenor

    Thanks Perry. Here's my current pack. The Covered Bridge concert and Newton tenor are perfect compliments.
  13. jwieties

    David Newton Dias Tenor

    Here's a few build pics that I believe further highlight David's tremendous skill.
  14. jwieties

    David Newton Dias Tenor

    Been wanting to post this thread for a few weeks now. I've had the great fortune of having David Newton build me a tenor ukulele based on his Dias body style. I'd like to start by saying it was a pleasure to work with Dave. I really wanted to simply tell him to build a tenor that he would...
  15. jwieties

    Band Names, and Your Role in the Band?

    SideKicks I play ukulele, my 8 year old plays guitar and my 6 year old plays percussion/keyboards. The youngest loves soccer and came up with the name when he was thinking of "soccer phrases". He didn't appreciate that it had another meaning, which of course made it all the better. Here we...
  16. jwieties

    Epiphone Bluesmaster Guitar

    SOLD I hesitated to list this here and will be putting it up on several of the guitar forums. However, I actually thought this would be a good cross over guitar for a uke player. There were around 500 of these built in early 90’s and they were endorsed by Keb Mo. They have attracted quite a...
  17. jwieties

    Super cool Vineyard 150-ml – tenor neck soprano

    This really is a great little uke. 100% solid mahogany soprano with a tenor neck. It was purchased one year ago from Ukulele Academy in Wilmington NC and professionally set up by Kent. Action is low with plenty of saddle and plays beautifully. In addition to the set up, mine comes with...
  18. jwieties

    Mainland Mahogany Tenor

    Just made a big purchase and must move some things around. Here’s an all mahogany Mainland tenor. Everyone knows what fantastic ukes these are and this is no exception. This one is high gloss, which looks great. No significant dings or scratches. When held in the light the high gloss shows...
  19. jwieties

    New Covered Bridge

    I started playing ukulele this past Sept. I've played acoustic guitar for sometime and have owned a fair number of quality guitars including Martin's, Taylors, Gibsons, Larrivees and Nationals. I've also played many high quality hand builds by well known luthiers. For the past couple years...
  20. jwieties

    2 Chord Song Book exploration thread

    I know Aaron Keim has many fans on this board. I also know that many people have picked up his 2 Chord Song books. I received both volumes for my birthday in December. The song selection is incredible and I especially like that it only gives the chords and none of the embellishments that you...