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  1. HendrikM

    Mixing Ukulele and Alcohol :-)

    I found this link randomly surfing youtube for ukulele renditions of David Bowie's Space Oddity. Actually it is quite good considering. It definitely brought a smile. Thought I should share :-)
  2. HendrikM

    Uke-Spotting -Toronto- Have an awesome day!

    Walking to work through Toronto's underground path system I was greeted by a group of ukulele players walking the other way. They were singing and playing to the morning commuters wishing them an Awesome Day. Don't know anything about how/who organized but someone must be a member here who can...
  3. HendrikM

    Greetings from Caledon. Ontario, Canada

    Been looking around for a little while now. Thought I would step out of the shadows and introduce myself. I am constantly amazed by the talent I see here. I adopted my Uke almost 2 months ago. A lone Kohala concert uke sitting forlorn in Costco (of all places) while I was on vacation in...