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    Low G sting options

    Hello guys! So, here is what I have :D Some time ago it tried a low G option on my tenors and while it was fun I didn't like it as for some reason it would sound odd compare to other three strings. I like fluorocarbon strings in general and used a set of D'Addario fluorocarbon's with low G...

    Independence Day project

    Happy 4th of July to everyone! Just wanted to share results of today's project. I recently started a tread asking for suggestions on ukulele wall hangers. Based on your recommendations I got some and today I placed them in-between my guitar hangers on the wall. They fit and look great, so I...

    Wall hangers / hooks for ukulele

    Gentlemen, I'd like to thank you for all your suggestions. Based on majority of recommendation I purchased a String Swing hangers. Except I went for a different model than most. It's the same hook but with a different wall plate. Round black wall plate matches my other guitar hooks much better...

    Wall hangers / hooks for ukulele

    Hello! I'd like to hang my ukes on the wall. My house has a humidity controlled environment, so I am ok from that stand point. My guitars has been living on walls forever. But the hooks/hangers I use for guitars don't fit ukes well. The are too wide. I bought some cheap hooks with adjustable...

    Sound of a "classic" tenor ukulele

    So, I'm going to open a can of worms here and I know it, but I want to talk about sound properties of tenor ukulele. Here is my dilemma. I've been playing acoustic and classical guitars for many-many years and dozens of high end instruments went though my hands. So I have a pretty good idea of...

    WTB: Collings ukulele

    Update: Found two actually, now one is for sale :-) ED>

    Greeting from a frozen Illinois :-)

    Hello good people of Ukulele Underground. I am a new member and wanted to say Hi and also say Thanks for all the knowledge I gained from this forum in last couple of months. I recently bought my first vintage ukulele. It is a Martin Soprano from early 20's. It needed some attention such as...