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  1. GregT

    SoCal - Acoustic Instrument Celebration

    I just purchased my tickets to the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration on the first weekend in October. A world class collection of luthiers, if you are in the area, or need an excuse to get to Santa Barbara, you might want to check it out. From their website: The Santa Barbara...
  2. GregT


    Over the years I recall different threads on the topic of fingernails - good idea or not necessary. The latest (July 2016) issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine has a large section on playing nylon strung guitars, and their take is: "While having long nails on your picking hand is not mandatory...
  3. GregT

    Taimane and Kalei Tour - So Cal

    I just saw that Taimane Gardner and Kalei Gamiao will be at The Soka Preforming Arts Center this Saturday (2/6) for an afternoon concert. Gorgeous venue, inexpensive tickets for two ukulele masters. I think the ticket link is...
  4. GregT

    Who owns a Redwood ukulele?

    I am very pleased with my MyaMoe redwood top baritone. It sounds (and plays) as good as it looks.
  5. GregT

    FS: Book-Jazz Chord Solos for Tenor Ukulele-Craig Brandau

    SOLD - I received this book as a Christmas present and I have a copy that I purchased when it first came out. This is a great book for any one interested in jazz style ukulele. Ten songs are detailed in both musical notation and tabs, and there is a CD included. As you probably know, Craig...
  6. GregT

    Mighty Uke Video - Direct TV

    I saw a thread on the documentary, Mighty Uke earlier this year. For anyone with Direct TV, Mighty Uke is available free by searching their database. Good way to view it on your schedule.
  7. GregT


    One of my baritones is a custom [made to order] by (primarily) guitar luthier, Jay Dickinson of Portland Guitars (www.portlandguitars if you’re interested). The finish is flaw less, however the edges are sharper than my Pono baritone or a vintage Martin. I had Doug Edwards...
  8. GregT

    Portland Guitars Baritone

    Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with luthier Jay Dickinson of Portland Guitars? The web site is complete and it looks as if he makes a fine instrument. I have the chance to pick up a used baritone - sight unseen but with return privileges.