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  1. LukuleleStrings

    Hallelujah (Fingerstyle)

    I’ve always liked this song and wanted to learn it and then Ten Thumbs put out an arrangement on it and I couldn’t resist. It was definitely the toughest piece I’ve tackled so far and since our discussion on songs we aren’t excited to play or hear in the ukulele world a few weeks ago, I’m a...
  2. LukuleleStrings

    The Wind Beneath My Wings

    Aloha! Please enjoy my arrangement of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings.” I’ve always liked the melody and... soaring (see what I did there?) chorus, but I’m not a super huge fan of the lyrics. That’s okay, though, because I don’t need any more reasons not to sing. ;-) Anyway, I hope you...
  3. LukuleleStrings

    Autumn Leaves

    I’m pretty big into jazz and saw a guy once say that everything you need to know about jazz is in Autumn Leaves. I can’t speak to that, though. While my process is deciding standard notation, moving it to the ukulele neck and figuring out where which chords go to make it sound more full and be...