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  1. gitarzan

    So, who's all going to the OUC.4?

    Ohio Ukulele Campout Sept 23 24 25 This will be my first year. Been too busy to do anything the last few years. I'm kinda pumped. I've reserved a site on the hill, pretty much in the middle of it. I'll be the guy wearing...
  2. gitarzan

    Open mic last night!

    I played my first open mic last night. I'm in a Folk Music Club and played at our monthly coffee house. Three songs... two were on an Alvarez Jumbo guitar, one on my Gretsch Clarophone Banjolele. The Uke song was in the middle. I played: Guitar - Shake Sugaree by Elizabeth Cotten. Banjolele -...
  3. gitarzan

    New Ukulele Day, yesterday.

    I was strolling thu MGR last PM. Just strolling and playing guitars and ukes. Picked up a mic stand and a small music stand to put my iPad on. So I went to the Ukulele section, and there was a beautiful Kala KA-SSTU-T Travel Tenor Ukulele. I had been playing one at Sam Ash for two years...
  4. gitarzan

    NDGD. New dream guitar day!

    Actually I've had it about a week. A Gibson J-45 Standard. Its a beaut and a fine sounding player. Most of my other guitars now sound pale and thin. A perfect strummers guitar. And I am a strummer. Got it used, saving me 5 notes off list. Looks newer than the J-45 hanging at GC.
  5. gitarzan

    New Irish Tenor Banjo Day (NITBD?)

    Picked up a Hofner Irish Tenor Banjo today. Tuned it to DGBE, like a guitar, or what it called Chicago Tuning. Its at least a few decades old, but I cannot find out much about it, except it's not considered exactly what you would call high end. I looked all over, even pulled the back shell...
  6. gitarzan

    New Old Banjolele Day!

    Stopped by my local MGR today, playing my way down the aisles, strummed a few jazz boxes, and old Stella with a warped top (played and sounded good!), a few Yamaha boxes, and a couple parlor sized A&Ls Amis. Finally I was there... in the ukulele section. Lotsa Ukes hanging in there. Most...
  7. gitarzan


    Just got a new guitar. It's a Recording King Dirty Thirties ROH-05 000 size. The RK Dirty30s series is oddly, a tribute to the guitars of long ago, when bluesmen could not afford the Martins and Gibsons and instead played Stellas and Harmonys. It's a solid top and sounds quite good. Not...
  8. gitarzan

    Has playing an Ukulele inproved your guitar playing?

    I've played guitar for decades and sounded pretty much like a beginner. I was always a strummer, and never really did well with lead or picking. I can do a mean Travis style picking however. The Ukulele was a revelation when I realized that it was a guitar with a capo on fret 5 and missing...
  9. gitarzan

    Buckeye Ukulele Society - Tonight!

    All are welcome. You do not need to be a Meetup Member to attend. Buckeye Ukulele Society Wednesday, May 22, 2013 6:30 PM St. Stephen's Episcopal Church 30 West Woodruff Ave. Columbus, OH 43210
  10. gitarzan


    New Cümbüş Ukulele Day! About three weeks ago I ordered a Cümbüş Ukulele. That is pronounced jim-bush, for the more sophomoric minded out there. Anyway, the Cümbüş company is in Istanbul, and they make a comparatively modern instrument call a cümbüş . It's kind of like an oud, but with a...
  11. gitarzan

    Deal on concert Uke Case - Hardshell $25 expires soon I just ordered one. Cant be that bad. Corrected: Concert, not Tenor.
  12. gitarzan


    New ukulele day here, again. My Bruce Wei Tenor uke arrived, sooner than expected. They said it would be here before 5/22, since it showed up today, I guess that's accurate. First, an interesting tidbit. The uke was sent with a declared value of $20. So we now what they cost to make...
  13. gitarzan

    Central Ohio Folk Music Festival

    While not exactly an ukulele venue, I'd like to to invite you all to the Central Ohio Folk Music Festival. May 3rd thru 5th 2013. Bring your ukulele and join in on the jam sessions. I'm tired of being the only guy with an uke at these functions...
  14. gitarzan

    NGD! Seagull Coastline Grand Parlor

    Actually the NGD was Monday, but i picked up a sweet little Seagull Coastline Grand parlor guitar. There is a fair bit of sound in a small package. I went to a local MGR and they had several Arts&Lutherie Ami's and a couple Grands. I played everyone they had. Over and over and over. Anyway I...
  15. gitarzan

    New Uke Day! KoAlana Soprano

    Finally, it is home. I ordered from the They shipped it quickly and it was packed very well. I ordered the Oahu hard shell with it. It's a very nice case. The uke arrived yesterday, but I wasn't home to sign for it so I had it redirected to a local FedEx location and...
  16. gitarzan

    Buckeye Uke Society, Columbus We've a great little group in Columbus. Join up on Meetup for details. Sunday AM 10:00. We meet at 6161 Busch Boulevard, Columbus, OH Just north of 161 near I70. :shaka:
  17. gitarzan

    Deeper Sounding Strings?

    I'm asking those who have been down this path before... Ever pick up a Uke in the store, play it and be astonished at the incredible tone, nuance and intonation? So you buy it, take it home, play and it just ain't the same? I did that with my quilted ash, solid spruce top concert Lanakai I...
  18. gitarzan

    Old Ukulele Day.

    My wife's aunt must like me. Last night she gave me a 1963 Framus Tenor. It's in nice condition. My wife's late uncle used to play it all the time, and according to her aunt, he bought in Germany and wooed her with it (she's a German immigrant). I was showing her a few pictures on my phone...
  19. gitarzan

    Ohio State Fair

    Played the Ohio State Fair today, with the wonderful folks from the Central Ohio Folk Music Society. Had a great time playing from 11am to 5pm (with a few breaks as I slipped off to the beer garden). We played a wide variety of tunes; folk, country, fifties rock n roll, and some fun jazzy...
  20. gitarzan


    Hello all, I'm Dave from Columbus Ohio. I'm just beginning ukulele, but have played guitar (mostly strumming chords) for a long time. I have a little souvenir type Leolani soprano uke that my brother gave me a few years back, as well as a soprano Kay that I had got from a yard sale. I had...