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  1. Big Bob

    check out this Canadian singer I think she has a beautiful voice ,and I know her Dad.
  2. Big Bob

    Check this guy out on the ukulele Kalei Gamiao

    Not sure if he has been mentioned on UU before .Check him out on you tube.His name is Kalei Gamiao.He is awsome.
  3. Big Bob

    Free ukulele picnic

    Mark Feb 13th 2011 on your calandar.Yes the free ukulele picnic is returning to Kaka ako park in Honolulu.Check out. I hope to be there again .
  4. Big Bob

    My ukulele picnic pictures

    Aloha .Here are my pictures as promised of my awsome ukulele days in Hawaii . It was the most ukulele exposure I have ever had.Everybody that I met were so friendly and caring.I will cherish these memories forever. And I can't seem to put my new soprano down.It is such a pleasure to play it As...
  5. Big Bob

    Back from Hawaii

    Just got back from a awsome 10 days in Waikiki.I had my pictures taken with Aldrinne,Otha san,Taimane,and Joe & Kristen Souza and my new K-1 model soprano 4 string premium select curly Koa ukulele.I am still feeling the Jet lag and will post pictures later with the help of my daughter.I also got...
  6. Big Bob

    Free ukulele show Feb 13th...and more

    I am trying to get this message out the best way I can.I am not very good on the computer so please check this site out This looks like a fun day.
  7. Big Bob

    Ledward Kaapana

    Has anybody here seen his ukulele performances on you tube? I was wondering is his ukulele tuned low G ? or tuned slack key? He is an awsome ukelele player,I especially like his version of E Kue morning dew.
  8. Big Bob

    Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii

    I found some information about the Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii next month. You can visit the site here:
  9. Big Bob

    Trying again

    I posted this in an another tread did not get any imput,gonna try here. Check out this site" " Sounds like it's gonna be a great time.Does anybody know if it's for real. Thank you
  10. Big Bob

    Ukulele Picnic kakaako parc

    Any body from UU going to this picnic on the 12,13th of Feb 2010? I hope to be there as an observer only,with all the termoil going on I don't dare take my ukulele accross north america and half way in the Pacific ocean .I hope to be in Waikiki from the 7th to 17th of Feb.
  11. Big Bob

    Mele Kalikimaka

    MERRY XMAS to all my ukulele undergorund extended family.Without this site I would not be able to enjoy countless hours of joy learning to play the ukulele. MAHALO for all your time and effort to make this site the best in cyberspace.
  12. Big Bob

    La Paloma

    I have been searching for tabs low G for "La Paloma" All I could find was a couple of you tube videos but no tabs.Thanks for any help
  13. Big Bob

    amplification Problem

    Well folks here I am again looking for advice from all the GREAT folks here at UU.Here is what I have,a kanilea tenor with low g aquilla strings,a Dean Markley under saddle pick up and a Guitar Research acoustic amp AC30R.My problem is my low g string does not work on the amplifier but the...
  14. Big Bob

    Corey Haim

    Hey .We were just invaded with a film crew in my front yard filming a movie called American Sunset starring Corey Haim and Frank Malino.Now when the site manger came to my door and asked if they could use my property to shoot scenes he told me Corey was the main actor.Well I had no idea who he...
  15. Big Bob

    tabs for Ave Maria

    Would anybody have the tabs for Ave Maria on a low g tuning.Thanks
  16. Big Bob

    ukulele humidifier

    I have a solid Koa wood tenor and I live in eastern Canada which means cold winters and dry air .On the other hand we have humid summers because I live on the coast. Any suggestions for humidifying my uke?? Mahalo