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    Anyone play the Graziano Led Jr at Gryphon?

    I purchased the Led Jr ukulele through UU last year. It’s had some playing over the years, but still sounds fantastic. I took it to Tony’s shop, and he seemed happy to see it. Thanks counsel1 for the friendly sale.
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    Recognize this logo on headstock?

    Thanks Thanks @man0a
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    Recognize this logo on headstock?

    I have seen this logo before but can’t place it. Anyone know?
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    Harmony Ukulele question

    Wow! Thanks for the tip
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    Harmony Ukulele question

    I tuned it to DGBE, and it sounds great. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. My feeble ukulele skills dwarf my guitar skills, so I've got some practicing to do.
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    Harmony Ukulele question

    Thanks Bluesy and EDW! That's super helpful. Now I gotta figure out chords for CGDA. Ugh. Would it be sacrilege if I had it strung as a standard GCEA ukulele?
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    Harmony Ukulele question

    I received this Harmony instrument as a gift. The family friend who gave it to me said it was a "guitalele", but I'm not sure. Maybe a tenor or baritone ukulele? I looked at a couple of sites with information on Harmony to try to determine its age, but it doesn't have a typical Harmony logo...
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    Discovered wood

    I recently purchased a 125 year old home, and discovered a ton of old redwood (and possibly some mahogany) in the attic, and had the idea that wood might make pretty cool ukuleles. Anyone familiar with this idea (how much wood required for a tenor ukulele; what condition wood needs to be in)...
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    Woman luthier

    Who are some of the women luthiers making ukuleles these days? I searched the forum, and couldn’t find anyone other than Donna LoPrinzi. But surely there are others.
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    Humidifier placement question

    Sorry for such a NOOB question, but where in the case do you put the humidifier inside the case? It seems to make more sense to put it under the headstock (picture on right), but then you get lots of rattle with the canister hitting the ukulele. But if you put it in the box (picture on left)...
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    UAS: I sold a ukulele

    I sold a ukulele today, and did not die. Check in on me tomorrow though.:p
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    For Sale: Gary Creed custom tenor Build #140 Skylark

    Additional photos. The last photo is from Gary Creed's FB page when he was making the ukulele.
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    For Sale: Gary Creed custom tenor Build #140 Skylark

    Gary Creed custom tenor Build #140 Skylark, built March 2018 Solid torrefied spruce top Solid flamed maple back and sides Includes case I purchased through UU Marketplace several months ago, shortly before purchasing a Kanilea tenor which is now my regular player. Lovely instrument, but it...
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    Long Neck Soprano

    I've been playing my tenor mostly due to the longer fretboard and wider nut (fat fingers are no help here). I keep seeing the term "long neck soprano", and I'm not 100% certain what that means. Is it a concert size neck or tenor size neck attached to a soprano body? So would someone with...
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    Made In Hawaii list

    Has anyone put together a list of ukulele makers that actually build in Hawaii? I searched but couldn’t find anything. I would prefer supporting American workers, instead of some maker who designs in Hawaii but has the work done offshore by cheap labor. (Not criticizing that model, but I want...
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    Pono PS-O

    Mine looks similar. It has made me consider getting a Pono tenor some day. Do you have a hard shell case for yours? If so, which?
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    Nut width

    I've seen some thoughtful comments about why nut width is only one factor to consider regarding playability for the husky fingered crowd. But for me, the Kanilea ukuleles (including Islander) always feel the best in my hands due to the 1.5" nut width on their tenor ukuleles. The chart below...
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    WTB: Boulder Creek Riptide tenor ukulele

    Anyone looking to offload a Boulder Creek Riptide tenor ukulele?
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    Russian Ukulele?

    Does anyone know if the ukulele is popular in Russia? Are there any Russian brands? All that I have seen is the balalaika (3 stringed instrument). Any communities of ukulele players?
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    Online flute, clarinet, saxophone and piano lessons

    If you are looking for music lessons, this would be the family to support. Shay Shalov is a musician and music teacher, and his wife is my daughter's dance teacher, so COVID-19 has been a challenge.