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    CLOSED - Pluto Inbound!

    Here is the original listing for the Rebel Neo II:
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    CLOSED - Pluto Inbound!

    I have a Rebel Neo II in Red Cedar/Tabaek that I would consider selling. I will attach a video of Corey Fujimoto playing it. Watch to absolute end for his reaction.
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    To those who have or had young children around their instruments...

    I think the most important thing to promote music appreciation is to expose children to music. My granddaughters love Elizabeth Mitchell songs. Check her out on YouTube. Here is one: I have three granddaughters and of course I have given them a very colorful inexpensive ukulele. It is...
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    WTB Pono BE Mango Baritone Electric

    If anyone has one of these they are interested in selling please let me know.