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    Leolani price

    Interesting thing about this Leolani uke is (as I listen to Gotauke's review) it is stated in the review , the uke is priced at $300 but can be bought at $195 at time of his review. I just checked HMS and they sell for $239 u.s.d. and sound reviews are pretty darned good! Sounds like a fine uke...
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    In Praise of Cheap Ukes

    Heck yeah cheap uke love! I'm noodling with my 65$ Aklot concert, my first uke. It's been sitting for at least two months in the closet- pulled it out and it was just barely out of tune! A real charmer of a burner uke.
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    WTB Ken Timms Mahogany Soprano

    pretty remarkable list of ukes you have mate!
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    FS: Mainland Pineapple Long Neck Concert - SOLD

    love the bell tones that ring through! Mainland ukes are lovely! Lucky person gets that one!
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    Petros Uke for sale

    wooh really a drooler of a ukulele! Wish I could own something that fine and play well enough to own it!
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    Big Island Honu KT-TR TENOR - REVIEW

    Beauty ukulele. I have found that tenor ukuleles seem to be the "sweetspot" for me!
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    Looks great!

    Well done! Looks great! Seems faster and more responsive. Awesome!
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    NUD Anuenue UC10 Color Series Concert

    Great little ukulele for noodling purposes! Managed to successfully remove the pickguard and the layer of adhesive and the plastic protective layer beneath that! Gentle urging and nudging with kind words of "you can do it" and woosh! Gone! Now I have a very pretty little coral Anuenue in all...
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    Do ukulele online stores ever post sales or coupons? Asking for a friend! *cough*

    Yeah so I'm totally in love with my AMM3 and I feel like I am actually learning how to play- amazing what a fine quality instrument does for your ear! Anyway, I want to purchase a middlin' priced concert that I can play while watching videos or just simply noodling... the few in my price limit...
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    My Anuenue AMM3- can't stop playing it and can't stop admiring it!

    That's it! I love this ukulele it is so amazing. The look the feel, the warm tones, the smell of the wood- omg! The low G, oh man, it just works so well for me, I love it. A whole new adventure in learning and enjoyment.
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    So if the shipper requires a signature and fed ex send you a text to get a signature.

    Shouldn't you have to actually sign for the package? I mean, what is the point of "requiring a signature" and getting a text from fed ex saying "be there to sign for this thing" and you wait all day, losing work time and lo and behold- the rather expensive package is sitting on the step...
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    Help! My brand spankin' new amm3 G string is reluctant to tune...

    Just got it.... That's okay...comparing my little electronic tuner to online "tuner ninja" I'm tuning and yeah, so far all is okay but- the G string. G is super tight at D4, sitting around 296hz...scared to go any farther so I'm letting it stretch.... OTOH, shes a right looker and feels...
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    How ukulele stores feed your passions! You want to change your order? No probs!

    In my quest to purchase a mid-priced high quality ukulele I settled on the Koaloha opio concert ukulele from I convinced myself that I didn't really want that AMM3 even though I really did. Fast forward: several emails and I switched my order to an Anuenue AMM3 and because...
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    Help I can't stop noodling!

    I sit all day and noodle with my ukulele. do a little practice, try to improve what I can but start noodling. I've searched for cures and have tried to apply anti guitar noodling techniques but I am weak. Weak you hear? What's a good ukulele anti-noodling regimen/technique for beginners?
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    this is a test

    my cat doesnt have fleas
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    Learning chord progressions

    Can anyone recommend a good series of chord progression exercises for a beginner? I don't know any music theory or any of the rather complex aspects of music; I use as much online content as I can but am wondering if there's a specific lesson series or a book ("chord progression for dummies").
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    hybrid ukes

    I'm in the process of purchasing a mid-priced ukulele and am interested in a Koaloha opio tenor neck concert ukulele. I'm wondering though if "hybridized" ukuleles such as this are a wise investment for someone like me that will have only one instrument (besides the beginner ukulele that is)...
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    Are expensive "high end" ukuleles really worth it for a non-pro player?

    Hello: I'm new to ukulele and trying to "self-learn". I purchased a concert Aklot ukulele from amazon and by all accounts ( as I learn to differentiate sounds and parts of a ukulele), it's a fine little ukulele. The only thing I did to it was change the strings to Martin 600's as the stock...
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    New from the Windy City

    Hello- Are people using this WWW forum or the discord server? I'm confused....