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    Replacing Pono Tuners

    Thanks for all the replies. I took off the old tuners and decided to try replacing them. I got a set of Grovers and installed them, leaving rather than replacing, the metal sleeves embedded in the headstock. It seems to have worked out fine and the new tuners are working smoothly without noise...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    The Enya Nova is not "fully plastic" and the new tenor is, according to Baz at Gotaukulele, 40% carbon. They are neither plastic nor carbon fibre but a mix. I've owned a Waterman very briefly and a Nova pro. They are not comparable.
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    Replacing Pono Tuners

    I have an older Pono mahogany tenor that I just love and play regularly. I've noticed that the tuners have gotten harder to turn and make creaking sounds like there is grit or sand in them. I'd like to replace them with new high quality tuners but I'm not sure how to go about it and whether I'll...
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    Mainland Baritone - Impressions

    The only comment I can add is that I owned a Kala Cedar top along with the Mainland Cedar/Rosewood and played them side be side. Both are excellent ukuleles but I made the choice to sell the Kala. The Kala includes a truss rod which Mainland does not so I may regret that decision one day but I...
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    Free beginners and intermediate uke course

    I watched a few of the beginner videos and was really impressed. This is an excellent tool for anyone starting out and had this been available to me I wouldn't be still doing left hand and thumb placement so poorly.
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    Looking for Ukulele in Bradenton FL

    Wonderful to meet you and I'm glad you're pleased with the ukulele. Enjoy your time in Florida.
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    What is your traveler?

    My new travel uke is on the way. I just ordered an Enya Nova carbon fiber tenor.
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    KoAloha KTM-00 dimensions

    My KTM-00 was built in April 2016. Body depth is 2 3/8 inches at the neck and 2 7/8 inches at the bottom.
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    Selling Question

    The marketplace seems like a great place to buy a ukulele but perhaps less great for selling. I was wondering if people who sell here try to find a local buyer first on Craigs-list or Facebook marketplace. This to avoid the hassle and expense of shipping or selling instruments that the buyer...
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    Your First Ukulele?

    I was going through some old bills when I discovered the nine year old receipt from a big on-line music store for my first ukulele. I decided on a concert size and purchased a Luna Tattoo for just over $100. I think I chose the Luna based on price, looks and on-line user reviews. It wasn't a...
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    Mainland Baritone - Impressions

    I'm not qualified to do a "review" but I recently bought a Mainland Baritone and thought I'd share some thoughts after a few months of use. I have the Red Cedar/Rosewood model and (rope decoration aside) I love the looks. The cedar and rosewood are gorgeous and the gloss finish is beautiful if...
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    Chord Melody, Fingerstyle, Fingerpicking

    Are these the same thing? The terminology seems confusing.
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    Strumming Patterns

    I learned to play using "The Daily Ukulele". I would pick a song I liked with a melody I knew and learn the chords. Rather than play a pattern I just strummed to the melody incorporating rhythm, dynamics, and tempo to make it actually sound like the song rather than a chord progression. Later...
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    Slotted Headstocks

    I have one ukulele with a slotted headstock. It's a Kala baritone, a very nice cedar top ukulele. The headstock on this Kala is quite thick so I guess the slots save weight and they look good. I change strings often and compared to traditional uke tops the slotted headstock is a pain to work...
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    Fremont Soloist for Baritone?

    Some have noticed that the wound baritone D string from Uke Logic looks a lot like a Fremont soloist. I see the soloist is sold for concert and tenor but I wondered if there was any reason it wouldn't work as a baritone low D. It's long enough but I know nothing about string widths and what...
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    Tampa Bay Ukulele Festival St. Pete Beach

    This great annual uke fest has been announced for November in St. Pete and tickets are on sale. Tickets normally sell out quickly but nothing about this time is normal so who knows.
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    Kanelia Oha Series

    I noticed these ukuleles from Kanelia at a somewhat lower price. They have Koa tops and Mahogany back and sides. I'd love to hear from someone who has one or has played one. Any thoughts or comments?
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    WTB: Kamaka Gold Label ukulele

    I have a Kamaka Gold Label soprano that I don't play and have been thinking about selling. I don't know the year it was built. Mine is in good condition with some scratches. It had a crack in the back that was repaired by Donna LoPrinzi at the LoPrinzi Ukulele workshop in Clearwater. She seemed...
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    Strumming Patterns

    I taught myself "old school" using books like "The Daily Ukulele" so I learned the chords and then strummed to try to make a song like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Waltzing Matilda sound recognizable. It was only much later that I started watching video teachers who were playing a fixed strum...
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    Uke Logic Disappointments

    I love trying new strings and recently began exploring Uke Logic. I began with a set of the high tensions with wound low G. I love the wound G even though I usually prefer unwound strings but the high tension set was just not for me. I tried tuning down and that worked for awhile but I decided I...