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    Crazy Sparkly Da Silva

    Take a look at this incredibly glittery Da Silva sitka spruce/ ziricote tenor. Over the top and totally Vegas. My favorite part is the filled crack on its derriere. I love bling yet this one is way out there, even for me. Wear your shades, you'll need 'em. Listing here: SUS Video here...
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    Happy, Not Happy

    A 180 degree take on Pharrell Williams' Happy. Performed by Gracie Terzian on a harp ukulele. She ain't happy. Bluesy.
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    Help Me ID This Song

    Can anyone help me identify this song? Mika Kane frequently uses it to demonstrate ukuleles. Warning: the song is a real "ear worm" - once it gets stuck in your head it's hard to dislodge. Thanks for any help, Bluesy
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    Chee Maisel Fundraiser for Gamiao Family

    Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel are hosting a YouTube concert to raise funds for the Gamiao family who had extensive damage from the Halweiwa flood. Kalei will be performing with other ukulele artists. If interested, here's additional information:
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    LFDM Tenor: Sad Tale With Happy Ending

    Months ago, I fell in love with a Sinker redwood LFDM tenor on HMS' site. I ordered it, but cracks in the redwood were discovered during set up. HMS offered a repair and discount, but this is a "forever uke" for me, so I passed. They reached out to Luis about crafting another, and he agreed...
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    Hello from North Carolina

    Hi Everyone. I'm a daily dabbler uke player from North Carolina. I love to sing and gravitated to the ukulele two years ago because of its portability and ease of play. Then I discovered that "ease of play" isn't always easy, especially when you want to jump into jazz play. I started with...