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    Can anyone tell me the name of the strumming pattern or a tutorial to it? This is the tutorial and I am new to playing the uku. I know those chords, but that strumming pattern is a bit challenging (alright....I must admit that I am clueless as to how to play it :)). Thank you, guys.
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    Is there an easy (learnable) way to switch from F to G chord?

    hey guys, I am learning John Lennon's Imagines song from Bernadette and it calls for an FtoG change, but I am holding the ukulele (no strap, not supporting it on my knee either) and it is nearly impossible to change. I have watched a few YT tutorials, but no success. I thought of using my...
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    Is there a way to put strap (no pins) on a uke?

    I was wondering if I could just by the pins and screw them in without breaking/ruining the sound? I have seen home-made shoelace thingies. I have tried those, but they are not my cup of tea. Any ideas?
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    Can anyone help me understand the "beat" pattern hear?

    Hey guys, I don't even know what the term is. I use "beat pattern" in the title, but that might be far from what it is. Basically, I am trying to understand is that using the 4/4 beat measures, what each strum represents. Here is the video (starts at 00:26):
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    Can anyone tell me what the dots on the fret board are for?

    Hi, My guess is that she is helping her students learn the C major scale. If that is the case, then what are the different colours for? Thank you.
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    Can anyone recommend easy 2-3 chord song to these strumming patterns?

    Hey guys, I am fairly new here. I am still learning my first chords and strumming patterns. I have just watched this video and the 5 strumming patterns. I know he has new videos that are less "painly"...I mean this video is slow as eff, but it is perfect for a...
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    Where to begin?

    Hey guys, My soprano ukulele is arriving in 2 days time. I have started reading Ukulele for dummies (1 hr a day) and Music Theory for dummies (1 hr a day). I am also planning to practise 1 hr a day once the ukulele is here. I have very limited knowledge of music or playing an instrument. Is...