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    I think I love

    My soprano more than my tenor. :uhoh: :( Who else has this problem? What's the cure?
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    KoAloha through the years

    Hi all, seeking information on the different labels used across their 25-yr history. Are there any websites with this info? I know there have been a quite a few changes but can't seem to find a resource. Thanks in advance, UU!
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    Pigeon Tree Ukulele African Blackwood

    On the 20.6 "episode" of HMS,, they featured four custom ukes from Pigeon Tree, 5:36 Pigeon Tree “Winter” Cedar Top African Blackwood Tenor 12:47 Pigeon Tree “Spring” German Spruce Top African Blackwood...
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    Hello, it's me... kookoolele

    Hello all. Long time lurker, recent member. I've been a casual visitor of this forum for a long time. Joining is probably a sign that confirms my UAS. I bought my first ukulele, a baritone Ohana with solid spruce top about three years ago. Jason Arimoto set it up for me to play tenor scale...