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    Roy Sakuma recovering from Heart surgery

    yes, a kind and gentle man who has done much for the keiki over the years. best wishes and aloha nui to Roy.
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    String recs for Silvertone Baritone

    A very good friend just got a very nice deal on a Silvertone baritone that is in very nice condition. He wants to keep it low D. Does anyone have experience with what set from what brand would work well. Currently it has a wound nickel and a wound brass he says. The B string was actually in tune...
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    Voice and electric uke through mixer

    Anyone had any half way decent luck recording with a Yeti and electric uke simultaneously into GB using a mixer? I understand that the microphone will pick up the electric uke, in this case really a Ubass, but maybe a noise gate can filter out some of this noise. By no means a perfect studio...
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    Who Was That Masked Man?

    I write using a Ubass. I write and record a bass track and then add lyrics with my vocals. Then my song writing partner comes in and adds guitar and brings in a drummer to add drums or he plays the drums himself. Sometimes we add a sax player. Sometimes we add keys. Sometimes we overdub vocals...
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    Hadean Halloween bass The bass I’m playing is a Hadean bass. I wrote a bass line and recorded it on Garage Band. Then I added vocals on other tracks, following my bass line. Then I sent my work to my multi instrumentalists song writing partner and he added all of the rest. Another...
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    Belt marks on back of Kanilea tenor for sale

    Every time I try to post it doesn’t include everything I write. Added some photos. Very faint. Have to turn the uke to see them in a certain light. This is a beautifully sounding uke.
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    Kanilea K-1 advertisement corrected $650 plus shipping

    Tenor Kanilea K-1. $650 plus shipping and insurance Sorry, trouble with posting and emailing on this forum. Kanilea K-1. $650 plus shipping and insurance I didn’t think I’d ever want to sell this but I play mostly bass these days and my Pono chambered electric baritone. I just don’t play...
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    Bump Kanilea K-1 $650 plus shipping and insurance

    Kanilea K-1. $650 plus shipping and insurance I didn
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    Kanilea K-1 For sale

    Kanilea K-1. $650 plus shipping and insurance I didn’t think I’d ever want to sell this but I play mostly bass these days and my Pono chambered electric baritone. I just don’t play this and could use the money for some other things. It has a beautiful buttery sound, a great Kanilea. It’s...
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    Considering selling a Kanilea K-1

    I have a Kanilea K-1 that I love. It has a beautiful sound. Everyone, even with more expensive custom ukes, loves its sound but I don’t play it much. It has a few minor nicks here and there. I only would consider selling if I could get a decent price. Basically I only play bass and my Pono...
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    Happy medium in singing and strumming

    Generally I strum my uke with my index finger/thumb and sing along and all is fine in the world. Sometimes I use a pick and wow--it sounds so much better/stronger/louder. BUT it's hard to compete with the louder volume with my singing. Is there a happy medium? Strum lighter?! Bottom line--sure...
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    A quiet piece using Ubass and baritone ukulele

    A quiet piece, no screaming guitars, no words, no insistent pounding beat, just me, my Pono chambered electric baritone, and my Hadean acoustic Ubass. Love We Don't Know Your Name (Harley in the Garden) (Jorgensen)...
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    Not for the faint hearted

    I want to show you what a little Ubass can do. Warning: It might not be your kind of music. I love classical, jazz, folk, soul, r and b, country, World, but I also grew up with rock and funk, etc.. Anyway, this isn't Hawaiian even though I live in Waikiki. The Jorgensen, Latini, Leonardi...
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    Great Free material, a course in chord tones

    What if I were to tell you that with a half an hour’s practice daily, even 15 minutes, you could learn all the note names of your bass fretboard, including flats, and simultaneously you could learn the fingering for the major triads of all of these fretboard notes? What if I were to tell you...
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    Trade Ohana SK 38 for a Hadean solid body Ubass?

    Anyone looking to get rid of his or her Hadean solid body Ubass and willing to trade for an excellent condition Ohana SK 38, which is a very nice sounding replica of a Martin 2M. I see the Ohana listed for $218 on Elderly and at Mim’s. Even if you don’t want a beautiful sounding mahogany...
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    Carol Kaye material and acces to it

    Has anyone here worked with any of Carol Kaye’s books, the How to Play Electric Bass series? It is available as Kindle downloads and they are readable but I would like the accompanying audio and I don’t know how to find it. I have tried to email her at her website but her email box is full...
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    If anyone is coming to Waikiki

    If anyone is coming to Waikiki or Honolulu I have two Kala thinline travel ukuleles for sale, a soprano and a baritone. They have never left my apartment. No nicks, great shape, like new, set up by the Ukulele Site. I will sell both for $200 if you pick them up here. If I had to ship them I...
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    Advantages of fret less Ubass?

    What are the advantages of a fretless Ubass? I would guess that one big advantage is sliding between notes but I don’t find the frets on a fretted Ubass interfere with sliding. There are fretless basses with marked frets and without. Obviously for a beginner having marked frets on a fretless...
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    I Need Your Loving, Kimosabe, bass and voice, original

    Here’s a little bass thing I did with GB and a Yeti mike. I picked up a Hadean Ubass from a retired British studio musician drummer who was downsizing here in Waikiki. I got it for $25 bucks and love it. I would purchase one for the full price on the Internet. After a couple weeks it stays in...
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    Repost $80 inc. shipping 4 Slack key ukulele books, one very rare +

    Four slack key books. See picture. All in very good shape. One extremely rare plus the He Mele Aloha Hawaiian song book at low price. So I looked up all these books on the Internet looking at EBay and Amazon for the lowest prices. David Heaukulani Ukulele Slack Key Sokolow Slide and Slack Key...