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    For Sale: 2019 Koaloha Koa Concert

    2019 Koaloha Koa Concert, from HMS (The Ukulele Site). Excellent condition, lightly played. Has one strap button. Always kept in Oahu Case with Boveda 49% humidity packs. Stock friction tuners. Selling because I play my mango more and interested in trying some other Ukes out. It has that...
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    Any S.F. Bay Area Virtual/Zoom Uke Groups??

    Hi, We moved to the Bay Area just before the shelter in place orders so I never got to check out any local Uke groups. Are there any virtual or zoom ones for folks in the S.F. Bay Area?? Thank you! ~RosieKamozie
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    FS: 2019 KCO-10 Koaloha Opio Concert (Acacia)

    Hello, Selling my 2019 Koaloha Opio, solid acacia uke. Excellent, mint condition. Lightly played. Has that beautiful "Koaloha Sound" and has an excellent setup by Mim of Mim's Ukes. Comes with a Kala brown alligator archtop hard case. I really love the Koaloha brand for their exceptional...
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    Hello from Los Angeles...been lurking for years, finally posting!

    Hey Everyone! I've been a lurker here for a few years. Picked up a Mainland mahogany concert in 2016 after my son was born. I had some bad post-partum depression and thought strumming happy songs and singing to my son might help. It was definitely very therapeutic!! I've learned everything...