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    what are the best concert ukuleles for under US$250?

    Alex from SUS recently posted a video about his favorite ukuleles for beginners. He listed 12 concert ukuleles priced up to 200 UK pounds. Since he works at an ukulele store, the list includes only instruments that the store sells. That also means he lists several models from brands like Kai and...
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    best wishes to everyone at The Ukulele Site

    Haleiwa Town, where The Ukulele Site retail store is located, was flooded today. Hope everyone is safe. I found these 2 videos on YouTube. First video is overhead, I assume from a drone. Second video is from a gas station that is 2 doors down from The Ukulele Site. If you watch the video in HD...
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    ukulele on The Tonight Show (Feb 10, 2021)

    The Rock's mom plays ukulele on The Tonight Show. Skip forward to 5:30 in this video.
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    Ladies of the ukulele

    A live concert from Honolulu.