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    What does a side sound hole get me (sound-wise)?

    Hi everybody, when searching for a new uke I always wonder what those with an extra side sound hole really do for me as a player – to anybody here who own(ed) / played one: Are we talking about a whole other (=better) sound experience to listen "live" to your own playing? Or is the difference...
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    re-setup at luthier – does he have to remove the strings?

    Hi everybody, I'd like to have a re-setup of one of my ukuleles by a luthier as I think there's still a little more room for a nicer lower action, especially with the G string as I have changed from High-G to (a thicker, still non-wound) Low-G. However, I just put new strings on it and didn't...
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    searching for Southcoast LML-NW sets – willing to trade for other Southcoast sets

    Hello everybody, I am searching for Southcoast LML-WS sets and I am willing to either pay for them or trade for other Southcoast sets. What I have to offer are: MU-NW LL-NW HLM-WB ML-WB LU HU-NW LMU XLL LMU-NW If anybody out there has one or more LML-NW sets to offer for sale/trading, just...
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    crack repair - possible and how much will it cost? (roundabout)

    Hi everybody, a few years ago, I accidentally damaged my Honu Rope Tenor in two spots (see attached pictures) – there's a bigger crack (picture 1) and a lot more minor one (picture 2):
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    WTB: KoAloha KSM-02 Soprano Longneck (Europe)

    WTB: KoAloha KSM-02 Soprano Longneck & Opio KTO-G6 (Europe) Hello everybody, I am in the market for a used KoAloha KSM-02 Soprano Longneck – the seller need to be located in Europe, though, and even better in Germany. If somebody has a KTO-G6 (would also consider the "real" D-VI Koa one)...
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    clawhammer technique

    Hello everybody, does anybody knows a good source how to learn the clawhammer technique on Ukulele? In my specific case, I'm trying to learn this part and my brain/fingers are still struggling to comprehend the strum pattern: Thanks a lot in advance!
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    FOR SALE: high end ukuleles - KoAloha, Kanile'a, Ko'olau Pono - more info inside

    Hello everybody, I already hesitated too long, I guess, but I am finally ready to part with most of the ukuleles of my too big collection. I decided to only only keep two tenor ukuleles, one for Low-G (a Kanile'a CS-DLX) and one for High-G (a KoAloha KTM-00), plus one Guilele (a Kanile'a K-1...
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    Need a very small translation from English to Hawaiian

    Hello everybody, hope I'll stumble upon somebody speaking Hawaiian in this part of the forum (probably not as much visited as the others, but it would be off-topic elsewhere) – I need a very small (ukulele related) translation from English to Hawaiian, only these three words: The Flea...
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    WTB: KoAloha D-VI / KTM-D6 Guitalele

    Hi everybody, I am searching for a used KoAloha D-VI 6-string Guitalele. If you have one to sell (and are from Europe), feel free to drop me a line. Thanks in advance!
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    bought smelling ukulele - safe to keep it near my other ukuleles?

    Hi everybody, I bought a used KoAloha Soprano a few days ago and made the terrible mistake to not ask if it comes from a smoker – the ukulele smells extremely of cold smoke, cigarettes or cigars, I honestly don't know. Maybe even a house burning, I can't rule out anything ... It hurts my heart...
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    WTB: KoAloha Pineapple Soprano KSM-01 (from Europe)

    Hi everybody, I am in the market for a used KoAloha Pineapple Soprano KSM-01. Because of tax (and postage) reason, the seller should be located in Europe. The two other KoAloha models I would also consider: 1. The "normal" shaped Soprano KSM-00 and 2. The Pineapple Longneck version...
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    KoAloha factory specials – how much discount?

    Hi everybody, I am possibly in the market for a KoAloha factory special – does anybody know how much – in percent – they discount those specials from the suggested retail price? Or do they not have such a general rule of thumb and also make it dependent on how "bad" the cosmetic flaw is...
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    string recommendation for Baritone ukulele?

    Hi everbody, a question to all the nice UU fellows with a Baritone ukulele: Do you have any string recommendation? I'm not a particularly huge fan of the feel of Aquila strings, at least not the ones for "normal" ukuleles ... Should I give them another chance? Or are there better brands out...
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    FS: Any interested in a Kanile'a CS-DLX Tenor here?

    FS: Any interest in a Kanile'a CS-DLX Tenor here? Hi everybody, does any fellow board member have interest in a beautiful (and unbelievable light-weighted) Kanile'a CS-DLX Tenor Ukulele Solid Koa Slotted Headstock Satin? (see photo below) I bought another very similar Kanile'a and therefore I...
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    best tenor strings Low A tuning?

    Hi everybody, I am curious: Does anybody have a recommendation for nice tenor strings – (Low-)ADF#B tuning? At the moment, I am using Worth Brown BT-LG strings tuned one step higher – the tension still is okay (not too) stiff and they sound nice. Still always interested in hearing other...
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    nut slot too deep – fill up or whole new nut?

    Hi everybody, I have a short question for the Uke experts here: I bought a KoAloha tenor which nut was prepared for the (very thick) fluorocarbon Worth Low-G string. As I want to use it as a High-G ukulele, I now have the problem that the (much thinner) G string is lying too deep and slightly...
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    Guitalele Islander GL6 vs KoAloha D-VI - nut width?

    Hi everybody, I am the owner of a Islander GL6 and currently in the market for another guitalele. I'd like to find one with less nut width than the GL6 – more the width of an electric guitar (about 2 inches?). As my google searches didn't provide the exact info: Am I right in my assumption that...
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    re-stringing your ukulele - safe to remove all strings at once?

    Hi everybody, I have a short question as I am very cautious about my ukulele: When re-stringing your ukulele – is it safe to remove all four strings (for cleaning the fretboard) or should I do one string at a time to keep tension on the neck? I re-string the ukulele within a few minutes, and of...
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    finished vs. unfinished neck – how to tell the difference?

    Hello, this is a dumb question and maybe I'm just lost in translation when it comes to the term – but: How exactly do I tell the difference between an unfinished and a finished neck? Reason behind the question: My fretboard conditioner (as most of others) says it's for all UN-finished...
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    pickup for ukulele

    Hi everybody, I know it probably is an old and common question, but even after having done some google search and reading here on the forum I'm still a bit lost: Is there a "non-intrusive" way – meaning: not having to drill a hole into my ukuleles for a 6,3mm jack plug – to connect my ukuleles...