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    Looks great!

    Well done! Looks great! Seems faster and more responsive. Awesome!
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    Do ukulele online stores ever post sales or coupons? Asking for a friend! *cough*

    Yeah so I'm totally in love with my AMM3 and I feel like I am actually learning how to play- amazing what a fine quality instrument does for your ear! Anyway, I want to purchase a middlin' priced concert that I can play while watching videos or just simply noodling... the few in my price limit...
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    My Anuenue AMM3- can't stop playing it and can't stop admiring it!

    That's it! I love this ukulele it is so amazing. The look the feel, the warm tones, the smell of the wood- omg! The low G, oh man, it just works so well for me, I love it. A whole new adventure in learning and enjoyment.
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    So if the shipper requires a signature and fed ex send you a text to get a signature.

    Shouldn't you have to actually sign for the package? I mean, what is the point of "requiring a signature" and getting a text from fed ex saying "be there to sign for this thing" and you wait all day, losing work time and lo and behold- the rather expensive package is sitting on the step...
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    Help! My brand spankin' new amm3 G string is reluctant to tune...

    Just got it.... That's okay...comparing my little electronic tuner to online "tuner ninja" I'm tuning and yeah, so far all is okay but- the G string. G is super tight at D4, sitting around 296hz...scared to go any farther so I'm letting it stretch.... OTOH, shes a right looker and feels...
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    How ukulele stores feed your passions! You want to change your order? No probs!

    In my quest to purchase a mid-priced high quality ukulele I settled on the Koaloha opio concert ukulele from I convinced myself that I didn't really want that AMM3 even though I really did. Fast forward: several emails and I switched my order to an Anuenue AMM3 and because...
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    Help I can't stop noodling!

    I sit all day and noodle with my ukulele. do a little practice, try to improve what I can but start noodling. I've searched for cures and have tried to apply anti guitar noodling techniques but I am weak. Weak you hear? What's a good ukulele anti-noodling regimen/technique for beginners?
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    this is a test

    my cat doesnt have fleas
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    Learning chord progressions

    Can anyone recommend a good series of chord progression exercises for a beginner? I don't know any music theory or any of the rather complex aspects of music; I use as much online content as I can but am wondering if there's a specific lesson series or a book ("chord progression for dummies").
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    hybrid ukes

    I'm in the process of purchasing a mid-priced ukulele and am interested in a Koaloha opio tenor neck concert ukulele. I'm wondering though if "hybridized" ukuleles such as this are a wise investment for someone like me that will have only one instrument (besides the beginner ukulele that is)...
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    Are expensive "high end" ukuleles really worth it for a non-pro player?

    Hello: I'm new to ukulele and trying to "self-learn". I purchased a concert Aklot ukulele from amazon and by all accounts ( as I learn to differentiate sounds and parts of a ukulele), it's a fine little ukulele. The only thing I did to it was change the strings to Martin 600's as the stock...
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    New from the Windy City

    Hello- Are people using this WWW forum or the discord server? I'm confused....