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    Change to site or hack?

    Looking at site today I'm not able to access New Posts and the layout looks different. It says it's run by vBulletin. I'm running this on a Fire tablet and it's always run fine. If I look on the phone it looks normal. Anyone else having this issue? It may be something buggy with the Fire...
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    Low g strings wearing through quickly.

    Anyone notice wound low g strings wearing a lot more quicker than your others? Not sure if it's my playing or if they just wear through faster than the others strings. I was thinking maybe it was a rough second fret but it seems to be that on both my ukes. Two different string brands too. Thoughts?
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    tab vs. chord notation differences

    Came across this "Notes for the beginning Ukulele Player" that is an intro to basic music theory for uke players Question for people. Usually if I was to see a chord like G, I see it as 0232. I read these left to right as 4th string, third string...
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    Silly song helps with chord progression AND the evil E chord

    don't know who mentioned it, but this song 1-4-5 will stick in you head fast and you'll get 145 progression fast. In C you be bouncing C-F, C-F, C-F-G in your head. You can switch it for and key and I'm finding I can transpose some on the fly. In A it's A-D, A-D, A-D-E. I'm finding that...
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    Clean moveable chords

    I have a song I've been practicing a lot that bounces between Bb and Eb. Standard E or An is difficult for me (yes I know everyone) as my index finger curves a bit. I've been using like 333x to sub for Eb. It of course doesn't sound as nice as 3331. I mostly finger pick so I notice it more. I...
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    Fingerpicking pattern for Jolene?

    Anyone have one? I've only found strumming patterns. I've only found picking for guitar. Thanks
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    4 vs 5 string uke-- what's the tuning?

    Posted this on Facebook but wanted to try here 4 vs 5 string-- what's the tuning called? GCEA is reentrant. gCEA is linear. What do you call it on a 5 string uke as gGCEA? I like to fingerpick a lot of country ballads that are linear, but the low g really sounds jarring to me. I don't know if...
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    Reading sheet music

    Do I have this right that when looking at a piece like this, the top stave is vocals/ guitar, the middle for piano and the bottom for bass? I'm trying to make sure im usually right stave to tab from.
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    Is this how alternate chords are written in music?

    I'm looking at a song I wanted to play that showed chords written like this: C/G. G. D/F#m. Are the chords separated by / supposed to be alternates?
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    Banjo Uke and U-Bass in an old bluegrass gospel song I'll Fly Away

    Came across this and it made me smile
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    are tuner holes drilled uniformly on a lot of ukes?

    Just have a cheap Kala 15S with these tuners: and want to swap to these...
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    Transposing help: software or circle

    Couldn't find a good site for transposing so tried to do it on a wheel. Found a song in 2 different keys and wanted to transpose to a third. When I transposed they we're idéntical. Here are the versions of the song and my transposition into key of F. Ab Eb Fm Db Bb F GM Eb BOTH transposed out...
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    Help with keeping a simple uke in tune

    I created a banjo uke out of a Remo drumhead, a pirated uke neck and a handmade mahogany tailpiece. It plays pretty well, I have the 12th fret strings height at 3mm. Neck seems sturdy and I've tightened up all the tuning pegs. Strings have been on long enough they should be stretched. Problem...
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    FS: Basically new Duke 10

    Selling the Duke 10 I bought that is just too big for my hands. I can't handle a tenor. Bought it because I thought as I learned to play I could stretch my hands on my concert uke to play it, but that hasn't happened. Concert's as far as I'm going. My loss is your gain. It's been sitting in...
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    Stars Wars uke

    My latest mutant. Odd sized tin so I needed to angle the neck. The tailpiece isn't going to hold well so I have to carve up another and figure better bracing. These are just fun to put together.
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    shipping questions

    For those of you who sell ukes, how do you set up your payments? Paypal friends, set up a business account or what? I'd like to make the buyer feel safe. Have a duke 10 to sell because I just can't play a tenor.
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    Site problems again?

    Just spent time writing a long response to someone in a thread with no links or anything and got bounced out as maybe being a spammer. Before I try this again, anyone else having same problem? Thanks
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    First build cookie tin uke. Just put together my first build. It's a cookie tin uke and it actually plays pretty well. Took some fiddling with the neck to get a good angle for the strings, but I managed to get them down to a playable height. I get intermittent buzzing but I'm...
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    Copy your post to avoid 503 deletes

    Just wrote out a long new thread on a build. Went to post and got the wretched 503 that's popping up more. Looks like it wiped it all out. Just be careful all.
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    cookie tin banjo uke dimensions

    Found a nice vintage cookie tin I like that's 10" x 1.5". Is that depth too little to get a nice projection? Most of what I've found online seems to be 2". Also, what would 3" be too much?