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    Your uke playing face

    So.. I have been told I have a frowning face whenever I played. My fingers simply stop playing whenever I tried to force a smile. How do the pros do this, a big smile while running through a maze of crazy fretting. So how about you guys?
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    If you can only have 1 ukulele for the rest of your life...

    What will you choose?
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    Kanile'a Platinum 2020

    Seems like the soundhole is off center to the left, alike a blackbird Clara?
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    NUD: aNueNue Moon Bird Soprano US200

    I’m on holidays with my wife in Taipei, Taiwan now as I write this NUD post. So long story short: 1. aNueNue shop is on my to-go list while in Taipei. 2. Not looking for the moon bird at all. 3. Full intentions to try out the bird series ukes without buying anything. (Very thick skinned!) 4...
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    PhD Low G String Set is crazy good on Kamaka Soprano!

    I just wanna share my experience on PhD ukulele creations Low G string set which is amazingly amazing! So I had my Kamaka soprano HF-1 with the stock strings ever since I got it. While I love my sweet sounding black strings, it was getting a little stale for me. After reading some positive...
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    What’s the average age here at UU Poll

    Continuation from: 40 hits me this year, glad that I found uke last year. Note: the old thread doesn’t have a poll so I create this!
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    Share your uke haggling experience

    This is a rant and I need to get this out of my system. So the story goes like this, 3 months ago, I put up my Enya M6 tenor up for listing on a local buy/sell online platform. I’m selling it only for the reason that I’m just not a tenor player. I put it up at 40% less (which is 60%) of the...
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    Should I get a travel uke or not?

    I’m planning a holiday trip to Tokyo, Japan in December and the temperature is around 50F (10 deg Celsius) during that period. Plan to visit the Kiwaya museum and some uke shops as I heard that Japan is the second home to ukulele other than Hawaii. So, Yeah! So of course I need to have my...
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    NUD: Kamaka HF-1 (2019), my first and last Kamaka

    Hope this doesn’t bored you. A short story long. The thoughts of owning a Kamaka been haunting me for a while. I have been saving my ukulele funds for a Kamaka Concert Bell Ohta San. When it finally presented itself in front of me earlier at the local uke shop, I did not pull the trigger on it...
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    My ukulele themed paintings

    Hi guys, I do digital painting in my free time when I’m not on my uke. So I have painted a couple of ukulele related paintings and thought I would share them here. If you like to see my other paintings, here’s my Instagram link:
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    Survey: Your ultimate stretch from index to pinky on fretboard

    So I’m curious to find out what is your maximum stretch distance from index finger to the pinky on the fretboard. Some songs especially those chord melody types really requires superhuman level stretch. In my case, I have ridiculously short fingers aka Baby T-Rex Hands Syndrome. My stretch is...
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    NUD: 3D Printed Ukulele (Now Printing)

    So I have a friend who’s into 3D printing and you would have guessed what I have asked of him. So here’s the neck: The material (filament) is a composite of wood and plastic. So I’m not sure of the appropriate adhesive to use. Is anyone familiar with this kind of adhesive? I have not seen...
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    Help! Advice on UAS for cheap dreadnought ukuleles

    Help guys, I’m having an UAS Attack now. My mind is filled of thoughts on a Kamaka Ohta-san Hb-2D! The Attack came too soon and it shouldn’t. Cos I just bought a shiny new ukulele. I can’t afford a normal Kamaka, let alone an Ohta San. So, can the good folks here point me a cheaper similar...
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    Regrets about selling your uke?

    You need this uke!
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    Kiwaya 100th year Anniversary 2019 Limited Edition Ukulele

    This is a better shirt, IMO. Haha. Edit: Seems like this lacquer paint stuff uses real gold powder. Now I definitely won’t want to accidentally scrape any of the gold off.
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    Kiwaya 100th year Anniversary 2019 Limited Edition Ukulele

    With such limited pieces per anniversary models, It’s no wonder! I just saw those, and are gorgeous. There’s 4 model designs based on 4 seasons but I think elderly got 2 of them. I prefer the summer version. Yup, right? ten! But they have the extremely flamed, curl koa in soprano and...
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    Kiwaya 100th year Anniversary 2019 Limited Edition Ukulele

    So I was browsing on the Kiwaya Japanese website and accidentally saw this. Not sure if this is already old news. At only 207,252 yen (~usd 1,883), you get a limited edition solid cherry concert Kiwaya uke, only 10 pieces in the world. And seems like still available. There are other models...
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    NUD: Enya EUT-M6E cured my Baby T-Rex Hands Syndrome

    I got this rare Baby T-Rex Hands Syndrome (BTRHS), so said the doc. My hands are not even the size of 12 years old’s. Wifey got the long slendery pianist fingers and sometimes do that T-Rex clawing gesture in jest. I accepted it and it is a fact. In uke term, it means I’m legally binded to...
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    NUD: My first bling uke! Eddy Finn EFTS-20-S (Pre-loved & discontinued)

    So.. my all ukes are very plain but they sounded great, imo. I really thought I’m not the type that goes for the inlays, bindings, glossy and stuff. Nothing wrong with liking nice and pretty ukes though. But when a uke as blingy as this pre-loved Eddy Finn soprano selling at ~USD50, I just...