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  1. socal16

    My new Ohana…

    I just ordered a Ohana solid hog long neck soprano from Mim and I’m really looking forward to it. Anyone have one of these and what do you think of it?
  2. socal16

    Waiting for monitor approval…

    I am getting this message on postings. Anyone else have this message?
  3. socal16

    Top layer of laminate.. any difference in sound?

    With same maker, does the sound differ with different laminate top layer (mahogany, mango, Koa etc) or is it just for aesthetics?
  4. socal16

    I did a dummm thing

    I was restringing a tenor with some nice Worth Clears LG and as I went to trim the A string at the tuner I carelessly snipped the E string and it whacked my hand. I had some Martin fluorocarbons and just replaced the E string so far. It didn’t feel too good but I felt worse about screwing up a...
  5. socal16

    What age for a child to get a uke?

    Hello. My granddaughter is 1.5 years old and loves music. I was thinking of getting her something like a pink dolphin soprano to play with. Is she too young? My mother bought me a baritone uke when I was about 10 or so (wish I still had it!!). Thanks for any input. Doug
  6. socal16

    Mainland tenor questions

    Hello. Any recommendations of mahogany or red cedar? Gloss or matte? Thanks
  7. socal16

    Used Martin T1K or new Mainland Red Cedar tenor?

    Both are about the same price with the Martin having a peeling decal and some marks on the back. I haven’t tried either one and only seen the Martin in photos. Thanks for any input.
  8. socal16

    Near new Cordoba 15cm

    Do you think $55 is a good deal. I'm a newby with some previous guitar experience. Thanks.
  9. socal16

    Greetings from Los Angeles

    Actually I live in Altadena (LA County). I took some ukulele lessons from a couple of Hawaiian young ladies recently and had to go buy a uke right away. I got a Kala KA-TG and now I want a concert size. I'm totally hooked. This is such a great site and thanks for all the good resources...