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  1. LarryS

    Make it Snappy

    a little chord prog I came up with on the concert uke, using a short, sharp strumming pattern, strumming further down the fingerboard than usual which increases the snappiness and makes for a brighter sound Chords are E7, A7, E7, A7, C7, D7, C7, with a slide to C at the end...
  2. LarryS

    Bit of blues

    A bit of 12 bar blues (I IV V) in A with stop time rhythm (I need to work on that). The chords played are A7 (with ornamentation), D7 and E7 (0100, 2223, 1202) Tanglewood concert Chords:
  3. LarryS

    When I'm Dead and Gone by McGuinness Flint

    On my baritone (high D)
  4. LarryS

    Anyone play Kalimba?

    My partner randomly bought me one recently,a 17 kwy hollow board from Amazon. Arrived in tune and sounds great. Playing kalimba is quite a challenge though . Here I'm playing Brahms's Lullaby on it.
  5. LarryS

    Chillin With Ma Dog

    Little ditty on the Tanglewood concert uke tuned to ADF# B
  6. LarryS

    Bad Moon Rising

    Got the chord sheet from someone on Instagram and had a go. Tanglewood concert
  7. LarryS

    My new uke strap

    My partner knitted this strap for my uke. Does it remind you of something...
  8. LarryS

    Evening Lullaby, Elizabeth Pfeiffer

    Just had a go at this little ditty in the latest issue of UKE magazine. Its a bit tricky at first but it sounds nice. Its called Evening Lullaby by Elizabeth Pfeiffer Tanglewood TU13N concert ukulele
  9. LarryS

    Baritone in re-entrant tuning

    I restrung my Brunswick baritone to re-entrant dGBE, just changing the bottom two strings from a couple of spare Aquila sets I have. Now it sounds more like a uke and no squeaky wound strings, yay
  10. LarryS

    (dreaming of) Summertime, Clarinet

    Looking forward to when its Summertime and all this is over. It does feel like summer out there today, very sunny and warm, but you have to resist the urge to go out. Stay home and practice
  11. LarryS

    Ukulele Cosmos Forum

    I still see the same thing
  12. LarryS

    Bit of fun with SpongeBob

    Just had a play with my son's SpongeBob pineapple soprano. It is pretty bad intonation wise but good fun. I tuned to old soprano tuning, half a tone lower
  13. LarryS

    Clarinet anyone?

    Anyone play this wonderful but frustrating instrument? Had it a few years now and can get a tune out of it. Which is more than I can say for flute!
  14. LarryS

    Imagine by John Lennon

    First attempt at Imagine by John Lennon from the book Ukulele A Day that I got for Christmas. We must not let coronavirus kill the music. Tanglewood concert
  15. LarryS

    Fly Me to the Moon, two ways

    I've been practicing Fly Me to the Moon on my reentrant tuned concert uke but I wanted to try it on my Brunswick baritone, which is tuned DGBE. First I put a capo on the fifth, so it plays GCEA but with a low G. Then I played it sans capo. The chords are of course different but the general...
  16. LarryS

    The advantage of baritone ukulele

    So I was reading a blues turnaround TAB from a guitar mag and I could not fret the B7 chord cleanly, my pinkie kept buzzing because its soft and the strings on my guitar feel like cheese wires. So I tried the same on my baritone uke, nailed it! The thing is I could use the same chord shapes on...
  17. LarryS

    Warm Glow

    A simple piece I came up with in DADGAD
  18. LarryS

    High D on baritone?

    Ok so my bari is tuned DGBE, low D, but I think I prefer reentrant otherwise it just sounds like a small guitar. The thing is how widely available are low D sets? The other thing is I have 2 spare sets so I could use one of those for the high D. Would it be best to use the high e from one of the...
  19. LarryS

    Hotel California

    On my baritone, but using the chord shapes I'd use on the concert.
  20. LarryS

    Today's Chuckle

    Saw this the other day...