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  1. mythinformed

    Critiques Corner..........Seasonista Reviews

    Following on from Jons link about 'criticism' I thought maybe there was a need for some to have the honest feedback they seek and have a place for the seasonistas to review it for them. I personally am uncomfortable with the idea of giving a critique unless someone directly asks me to and...
  2. mythinformed

    'A Little Less Conversation' Cover.

    Can you please review my video and give any advice or criticism on it. I've been playing for about 5 months now and as I don't know any other uke players (except for someone also a newbie) I can never really gauge my standard of playing or how I measure up to more proficient players. All...
  3. mythinformed

    Hi All , Novice uker from Bournemouth, UK

    Hi I'm Mark from Bournemouth, Got my first Uke in Dec last year finally tuned it in mid Jan this year and haven't put it down since .......very addictive !! I have uploaded 3 vids of my progress on youtube and would appreciate any feedback or pointers in the right direction...