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  1. thomas

    Macomson Musical Instrument Cases

    I have been building custom made Foam and Fiberglass Cases. The case below holds a Tenor Ukulele, and a Parlor Guitar. With the instruments inside, it weighs approximately 17 lbs. (8kg) After seeing some of the recent threads on this site, I thought there may be some interest in my...
  2. thomas

    Does anyone make a hard case for more than one soprano uke?

    I would be pleased to make any kind of case you would like. I have been making custom foam and fiberglass cases.
  3. thomas

    Makapili Low G Tenor

    Macomson Low G Tenor Thomas Macomson Low G Tenor $1333
  4. thomas

    Makapili Style Bracing

    Just thought a few of you may be interested in a new page I added to my website that gives some information about the bracing pattern that I use. Take care, Thomas
  5. thomas

    Makapili Tenor Ukulele

    Macomson High G Tenor Ukulele Thomas Macomson High G Tenor Ukulele This instrument had a mishap and has minor repaired cracks on one the sides. Therefore, I am offering it at the reduced price of $1250. Take care, Thomas
  6. thomas

    My present metbod of PROFILING plates

    I am using these hand tools only, and graduate my tops and backs from side to side and from head to heel. Sidez too. The wood boards on the right have cork on the bottom and are bolted to the table to clamp the workpiece to the bench. I am using wingnuts for easy adjustments. I start with a...
  7. thomas

    Makapili Website

    Makapili's website is back up at Check it out.
  8. thomas

    Makapili on a record

    It is just a simple no frills parlor guitar. Redwood over Cherry. It sounds really good. I embedded his album on my homepage at I just put it back up.
  9. thomas

    Makapili on a record

    Even though this is a nylon string parlor, and not an ukulele, I thought you guys may be interested in hearing it. This is one of the series of instruments I built last time around. The whole album was written and recorded on an American Cherry and Redwood guitar that I made. The beauty of...
  10. thomas

    Makapili on a record

    Just thought I would share a new album that was written and recorded on one of my nylon string parlors. Not an ukulele, but since many members here play my ukuleles I thought it may be of interest. The daytrotter session and the album "Towards a Center" feature the Nylon...
  11. thomas

    Ukulele wood for sale (Hawaiian Koa and Myrtle) Just thought I would post a link to this thread as most of you may not check the marketplace very often. Take care, Thomas
  12. thomas

    Ukulele Sets (Hawaiian Koa and Myrtle)

    I am selling a box of wood that I got from Notable Tonewoods. I have not opened the box, nor have I seen it. It has been sitting in a closet at my Mom's house in South Carolina for quite some time now. The Koa sets were on "promotion" and I couldn't resist at the time, but now realize that I...
  13. thomas

    Uke wood in the UK

    Just thought I would post a link to this here, as most here may not look in the marketplace very often. I hope this is ok. Take care, Thomas
  14. thomas

    Makapili Guitar Uke Combo in the UK or Europe

    Have been having a rough few years, and am now in the position where I have to sell the last two instruments I own. I thought I would offer them here first, before putting it up for sale on some other websites. The case shown is not good at all. I just made it to transport the instruments...
  15. thomas

    Ukulele wood in the UK

    I have a box of wood for sale in the UK or Europe only. I will no longer be building instruments. There are a bunch of random bits. 4 slotted soprano fretboards 7 slotted concert fretboards 5 slotted tenor fretboards Some bridge blanks It is all Indian Rosewood and they were slotted by...
  16. thomas

    Makapili Nylon String Parlor Guitar

    Up for sale is a Makapili Nylon String Parlor Guitar. This instrument sounds excellent. Here is a sound sample. It is recorded using my laptop microphone into Sound Recorder, with nothing done to the sound. Please excuse my poor playing and recording gear...
  17. thomas

    Makapili Ukuleles

    Hi Nickie, I have attached a few pictures of some instruments I have made. If you do a search on the forum, you are bound to come up with some more, and peoples impressions of my instruments. Here are a few sound samples of other people playing my instruments much better than I ever could...
  18. thomas

    Makapili Ukuleles

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but here it is. After a few year Hiatus, I have found myself in a situation where I am going to be able to resume building instruments. I am working on getting my website back up and running, but until then feel free to contact me through private...
  19. thomas

    Makapili Terz Guitar

    I am reluctantly selling the only Terz guitar that I have made. It is used, has scratches on the top, and a few minor imerfections that do not affect playability, or sound. This instrument has a stunning sound. The top is Sinker Redwood, back and sides are salvaged Mahogany (At least I...
  20. thomas

    Used Makapili Hinoki Top Concert

    For sale is a Used Makapili Hinoki Top Concert Ukulele. Makapili Ukuleles are handmade by me in my workshop in Italy. This one is made of 100% environmentally responsible woods. It is made of: Hinoki: Soundbboard and bracing (Driftwood Log) Acacia Confusa: Back, Sides (Urban Tree...