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  1. quiltingshirley

    Help with fretting using only 3 fingers

    I’ve hesitated to post cause it seems I should be able to solve this problem, but... Almost a week ago I took a “small” hunk from my middle fretting finger at the last joint near the tip. (It looks big to me but now that it has a dressing covering it...) So I have my index, ring and pinky...
  2. quiltingshirley

    Andrew Molina workshop/concert

    We went to a workshop followed by a concert at Anacapa Ukulele in Ventura yesterday afternoon outside under overcast clouds. It was given by Andrew Molina accompanied by his father Jay on the bass and guitar. What a great way to enjoy a day. I was in awe of both of them. They both have a finger...
  3. quiltingshirley

    Would you leave instruments out during fumigation?

    If your home was being tented for termites would you leave out your wooden ukes or take them away from the house?
  4. quiltingshirley

    LA international Uke Festival instrument

    I have a question. If you were going to the festival next Saturday and planned to take a variety of classes, would you replace the Low G on your concert or tenor for a high G or just take a Makala Dolphin so you can play in the Jazz workshops. The action on all play well up the neck but I...
  5. quiltingshirley

    All those stray cases

    We took some scrap lumber and made a rack to fit in the garage. Got them off the floor and easy to locate no matter what instrument we're taking with us. Except for the upright bass, the case is big even folded. Hope the picture shows up. Ok, you've got to flip the picture to see it. 3 shelves
  6. quiltingshirley

    Visit to HMS

    Last week we took a visit to the North Shore to see the Hawaiian Music Supply store (The Uke Site) First, let me tell you that it's a small store with more ukes than I've ever seen in one place! Corey was working and he let me play lots of ukes. For the first time ever I was so overwhelmed, I...
  7. quiltingshirley

    Hawaii's getting closer

    Got an email about the upcoming Hawaiian Ukulele Cruise with Mike Lynch and his wife. It's only a couple of months away and it's starting to seem close. (I booked it months and months ago) We're looking forward to playing ukuleles all the time. We'll have morning and afternoon classes with Mike...
  8. quiltingshirley

    A Christmas Uke

    My grand daughter never played the Dolphin I gave her so her mother covered it with family pictures and re-gifted it to us this Christmas. Love it! With all the coats of decoupage she put on it, it'll never get in tune again but it looks great on the wall.
  9. quiltingshirley

    What is the difference in Old Time vs Blue Grass Songs?

    I saw a group listed called California Old Time Fiddlers. I know they have acoustic instruments like bass, guitar, banjos, fiddles, Ukes, etc. They said they play Old Time and Blue Grass songs, no popular stuff. I get that, but what is the difference between Old Time and Blue Grass music? I...
  10. quiltingshirley

    Uke A-Lomg at LA Music Center Saturday

    Are we the only folks going to the LA Music Center tomorrow? Printed out the info they sent out and it sounds great. I want to learn it all and I'd like to work on that song by Phillip Phillips "Home" too. Hard to decide on the workshop I want to do. They all look hard. Cool Chords, yeah, want...
  11. quiltingshirley

    LA Expo Update

    Well, it took place yesterday with just over a thousand of my close ukulele friends. We didn't break the record but we sure had a good time. Thought I'd post a picture or two. I'm sure others that were there have more to say.
  12. quiltingshirley

    Chords for I ke Alo Iseu by Dennis Kamakahi

    Does anyone know the chords for Dennis Kamakahi's song I Ke Alo O Iseu? I've found the words and translation and I have a CD with the song but I'm having trouble figuring out the chords. Are there really only 2 chords? I've seen the title spelled slightly different but they seem to be the same...
  13. quiltingshirley

    Is it okay to tighten screw in back of headstock?

    I have a new ukulele and the A string is not holding at all. Can I just tighten the screw that's in the back of the headstock to make it tighter? Don't want to cause a problem but I also don't want to mail it back for the adjustment. It's a Makala Great White. The shark really shows up and I...
  14. quiltingshirley

    Strings for Kamaka Ohta-san

    I've had a bell shaped Kamaka concert (Ohta-san with spruce top) since early Jan and recently it started sounding "dull". I replaced the strings with the same type of Kamaka set it came with - standard Kamaka with their wound low G. It still sounds flat or dull, maybe even more than it did...
  15. quiltingshirley

    How can I sing "in Key"?

    I know nothing about singing. I just open my mouth and sing which is probably the problem. I can hear any variation in pitch on my ukulele but not (my voice) when I'm singing out of key for what I'm (or others are playing --those I sing really soft). Help! Yesterday we joined some others (total...
  16. quiltingshirley

    Cotton Jenny by Gordon Lightfoot

    Does anyone know the strum pattern (picking pattern) Gordon Lightfoot uses when he sings this song? TIA
  17. quiltingshirley

    We're back from our Uke Cruise with Uncle Mike

    Well we're back home after two great weeks cruising from Los Angeles to Hawaii and back. We had lessons on the Sky Deck of the Golden Princess which is deck 17. What a view. Mike and his wife Collene met us every morning and afternoon. (On the sea days) What fun to be with about 50 folks who all...
  18. quiltingshirley

    Songs for main Hawaiian islands

    We'll be leaving in a couple of weeks for a Hawaiian cruise with Uncle Mike (Michael Lynch). To get in the "mood" I'd like to find a song for each of the main islands to learn now and be able to play in our off time on the ship (softly in our room). I'm thinking either Beautiful Kaua'i or Hele...
  19. quiltingshirley

    Back from the South Pacific with many new friends

    We took a 28 day cruise from Los Angeles to the South Pacific and back. We took our ukes just in case they gave some lessons or we could find others to jam with. Well, they did give the Intro lessons at the first of the trip and we found several other who either were "beginners" like us or...
  20. quiltingshirley

    How to make Dolphins quieter

    We're soon going on a long cruise and we'd like to play the dolphins sometimes in the room, sometimes on the deck. Is there a way to play them quieter other than not "strum so loud"? These little guys play louder than I'd expected them too. (Might be me) They both have Aquila strings and we're...