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    Mahogany Opio ukes

    Yes, it's sapele. :) I have one; it's a wonderful instrument, not very flashy looking (more of an understated beauty) but the tone is *amazing*. It has a nitro finish, which I think has a lot to do with how great it sounds. Unfortunately, it's a concert, and I only play tenors at the moment. :D
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    Ralph Shaw's Newsletter

    Agreed, his newsletter is terrific!
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    Andrew Molina interviews Jake Shimabukuro

    It's also available as a *real* podcast (audio, available via any podcast app), which I vastly prefer. 🙂 Thank you for reminding me; it's already in my queue, time to go for a walk and have a listen!
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    Brett McQueen and the Blues

    Oooh, that is very interesting! I attended one of Del Rey's workshops once, years ago, and she is an excellent teacher - and a wonderful performer!
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    I love StrumMachine!! Such a beautiful, simple and useful app. I found it through the 'Toneway' website (, where they have a treasure trove of 'mountain music' songs, often sung & played in several different keys. Also lots of lessons on ukulele, guitalele etc. All...
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    Heartbeats - Jose Gonzales

    I love this song (the whole album is great), your version is gorgeous!
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    UOGB Lockdown: Playalongs, documentaries, uke collections and more!

    Has anyone posted this yet? (I looked, but didn't see it) The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has been posting an amazing amount of great stuff! Not only documentaries, but also members talking about (some of) their ukulele collections, as well as tutorials and playalongs complete with...
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    Disappointing Living Water experience

    In the fall of 2019 I ordered some Living Water strings, directly from Ken Middleton. Life was busy, so it took a while for me to notice that they hadn't shown up. I contacted him in November and after a couple of emails (I never received a reply to the first two I sent) he said he would send...
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    Sale: Soprano Flea, Wood Fretboard (EU to Worldwide) + Gig Bag!

    (For some reason, I only seem to be able to add one photo; I will add links to the rest of them for now, will come back and try again later) Lovely soprano Flea with the wooden fingerboard (and bridge) upgrade. A beautiful purple - the photos look pretty accurate on my screen, but ymmv. It's...
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    'Clicking' sound on Outdoor Ukulele?

    Recently, I tried out a Carbon and a 'regular' Outdoor tenor. I liked them both very much, but the sound of the regular actually more than that of the Carbon; also, the carbon made a weird 'clicking' sound when strumming. So, I bought the regular one. But... ever since I changed strings on it...
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    For Sale within EU: Sapele Koaloha Opio Concert, like new

    Hello! Pictures can be found in Google Drive, here: If you would like them emailed to you, or want to see a particular detail etc, feel free to ask; I’m not terribly handy with things like that, but I can usually figure...
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    Phil Doleman Blues book

    Has anyone bought this yet? (Blues book is towards the middle of the page) I love his music theory book, and I love blues on the ukulele! Just trying to choose between pdf and paper; pdf is faster & cheaper, but I'd probably print it out anyway - I vastly...
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    Looking for Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs songbook / sheet music

    Edit: No longer looking for the songbook. :) Does anyone know where I can find the songbook that goes with Eddie Vedder's ukulele songs? I've tried buying it twice now (accompanied by the LP, which would have been a nice bonus but not my main goal) and both times it turned out it was just a...
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    Side Fret Markers; a Newfangled Invention?

    I just so happens that all 4 of my ukuleles (a Brueko longneck soprano, a flat Brueko soprano, a Fluke and a Mainland concert) came without side fret markers. As I am still very much at the beginning of my uke-learning journey and am trying hard not to look at the front of the fingerboard while...
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    One hole in bridge waaaaaaay bigger....

    It's a difficult spot to photograph, but the hole in the bridge for the A string is far bigger than that for the other strings - meaning that, no matter how huge I make the knot, it tends to slip through partway eventually when I tune the string. (while the knot on the A string looks smaller...
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    New Fluke Day!

    Well, technically it arrived yesterday, but I didn't have time to post pictures then, so here she is now: my lovely Fluke! All the way from Italy in under a week, from the wonderful people at Apart from being a very happy customer, I am not affilated with...
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    Indiegogo for Ukes Down Under (Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain)

    Not sure if I'm allowed to post this - just give me a nudge if not, and I'll remove it. But I just came across this Indiegogo project: and that is one movie I would love to see! :drool: Looks like they might have a hard time making their goal on time...
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    Bridge not in the middle: problem?

    Well, I've found this lovely, beautiful, affordable, great sounding ukulele... But on closer inspection, it turns out that the bridge is not in the middle of the body at all. There's an almost 1 cm difference; from bridge to edge is 3,5 cm on one side, and 4,5 on the other (the shorter end...
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    (KoAloha) Longneck Soprano; Pros/Cons?

    Ah, yes, I know that feeling now.... Going to be eating beans for the rest of the summer! No problem, I love beans. ;) Roxhum, thank you! It certainly looks comfortable to play on all the videos I've seen - of course, as a total beginner, it might still take a bit of getting used to... But I...
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    (KoAloha) Longneck Soprano; Pros/Cons?

    Well, after spending most of my day online, listing to sound samples, I am thinking of upgrading my budget a 'little' bit (haha) and buying a KoAloha. They just sound exactly the way I want a ukulele to sound, somehow; nice and clear but not thin, with a bit of sustain and warmth. I quite like...