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  1. always_ukulele

    train- type of ukulele used in hey soul sister.

    hey, saw them on jay leno last night, sounded ok, but ukulele sounded great, anyone know what kind he was using?
  2. always_ukulele

    new uke, KALA ka-st, or ka-mt?

    As it says in the title I am stuck on these two ukes. my price range is about 250 and down. the mt is a solid mango laminate tenor, and the other is a sprucetop and mahogany laminate side and back. (tenor also) I am stuck between these two. And was wondering if anyone has had experiance with...
  3. always_ukulele

    riptide ukuleles

    ummm, this may be a dumb question, and probably already answered, but what is a riptide ukulele? does it sound differently than a regular ukulele? And one more thing who would think of combining a uke and a banjo? I never realized there was so many strange versions of this instrument. Any one...
  4. always_ukulele

    hey! new one from ohio!

    Hey everyone! just wanted to introduce myself. The name is Mike/Michael, I'm 14, already love the uke. And I hope to make some friends while learning how to play this magical instrument! Random fact- love to play chess also.
  5. always_ukulele

    my little song

    haha, im obviously a beginner. I made this up on the spot. tips are very much appreciated. Have fun!