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    I may be going to the dark side.

    I'm looking at baritones. Seriously looking at them.
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    Christmas ukulele?

    Who is not planning on getting a new ukulele for Christmas, or during the holidays for that matter? I'm not going to.
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    The indestructibles.

    I had a pretty nice Ohana spruce top soprano that I was taking down to the beach. A guy stopped to talk to me and was admiring my uke, he said he was a uke player too, and he asked me if I wasn't worried about having a nice wooden ukulele out there where it might get wet. I told him jokingly...
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    Guitar lessons.

    I haven't taken ukulele lessons and just picked it up by watching other people play and figuring out what they are doing. It probably isn't the most efficient route, but I'm pretty satisfied with the results. Early on I took voice lessons for a while and they were very helpful. Mostly though...
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    Number two.

    It took me a year and a couple months to buy my second ukulele. Over eight years I've bought four and sold one of those. In the course of a few months I have bought two guitar now. I bought a Taylor GS Mini acoustic a few months ago and yesterday I bought a Les Paul Studio electric. Just a...
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    Leaving your ukes.

    A comment on another post sort of prompted me. I know that a lot of people value their ukes and are planning to pass them down when they are gone. In my case I'm realistically sure that none of my kids want them. In fact, my son was in the basement over the holidays and I asked him which one in...
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    Muscle memory and bad habits.

    I'm sharing with beginners. Sometimes I think that the fear of learning bad habits almost paralyzes people's ability to learn. I thought about it yesterday as I was unlearning and relearning a chord. I'll not say specifically what chord or instrument because it didn't happen to be a ukulele, but...
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    Speaking of tuners.

    I didn't want to hijack one of the other tuner threads. My latest acquisition has on board electronics and there is a small control panel on the top of the bout. There is a little tuner built into it. At first I wasn't very enamored with the whole thing, but I've come to really like that little...
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    Sing book.

    Anyone know of a guitar equivalent to the Daily Ukulele books, commonly known as the yellow book and the blue book? I would just play out of them, but I think that the songs are arranged with ukulele in mind and it might be easier to find a resource more oriented toward guitar.
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    Uke shopping

    One thing that I was thinking about, do you go out and look at ukuleles in stores? I guess that I mean, do you go out and specifically go out to stores with ukuleles so that you can look at them, finger them, play them, and such? I also wonder if you do it while people are being encouraged to...
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    Do you throw away your boxes?

    I didn't until ten minutes ago. I was gathering up all the trash today and I decided to get rid of old boxes. I have boxes for all kinds of stuff. As I was digging through them and fighting to convince myself to keep half of them, I came across boxes for my four ukuleles that I still have and...
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    Practicing something else too?

    I'm always practicing and working on getting better. But the ukulele is just one component. I also work on my singing, which needs as much help as my ukulele skills, and I work a lot on presence. I'm going to admit that I sit down there practicing how I'm going to introduce songs to an audience...
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    Started the guitar yesterday.

    I dug out my wife's old hippy dippy guitar in the basement, checked it over, tuned it up, found a nice chord chart that is not filled with obscure chords that I'll never play in real life, picked out some two and three chord songs that I'm familiar with so that I can start with, and I'm ready to...
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    Taking up the guitar next week.

    I thought I would put the announcement here. I'll post my progress in the guitar sub forum, provided there is progress to report. I am going to give it a go, but playing the ukulele will always be my priority. We will have to see how it goes. I'm not trying to say that there is nothing more that...
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    What do you look for. L

    Lately I've been reading threads and thinking a lot about what I am doing and how I look at ukuleles after almost six years. I was thinking today what is important to me in a ukulele. So I thought that it might be fun to talk about. It seems like a topic that is in line with what we like to...
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    Travelling troubadour.

    I have been cast in a madrigal dinner play as travelling troubadour. It is a renaissance Christmas Holiday thing. As everyone here probably knows, I like to busk. I feel like I've achieved something with this, I don't know what though. A travelling troubadour, does it get any buskier? Anyway, my...
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    Songs you hate to play.

    Any song that you just hate to do but you end up playing and singing it all the time anyway? I hate Jambalaya. Every group I belong to has to play Jambalaya. Every week, if it isn't on the list for the meet up, someone is going to want to sing it during the go around. There are a couple others...
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    Taking advantage of opportunities.

    Our uke group has been doing a few holiday performances. We did one on Monday and they had one yesterday morning. I'm building a doll house for my grand daughter and I feel strapped for time, so I bowed out of the one yesterday. So I was going down my stairs with a laundry basket full of laundry...
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    Never make due when you can buy something new.

    I was going to make this comment on another thread, but I'll let it go there. Because I realized that one never makes due when they can buy something new. Just saying, I came to a UU realization this afternoon. ;)
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    Rough night.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Christmas holidays but I just hate playing and singing holiday songs. Anyone else think that they are just all goofy and hard to play?