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  1. Ukecaster

    Pono MTD-2

    Saw this one online, listed and labeled as MTD-2. This one appears to have a cedar or spruce top, and I thought the MTD models had mahogany tops. Any ideas?
  2. Ukecaster

    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    Wet it....and forget it! 😄
  3. Ukecaster

    NUD: One man's lightly used is another gal's treasure

    I've had two of these. My current one is a prototype from 2019, presumably when they were switching from the earlier fan bracing to the X-bracing. The only other differences were that my prototype came with top binding, ebony fingerboard and bridge, and Graphtech Ratio rear facing tuners...
  4. Ukecaster

    Can't Let Go

    A song done by Lucinda Wlliams, Robert Plant/Alison Kraus and others.
  5. Ukecaster

    Kiwaya standard vs thinline sopranos

    Never had a chance to do a side by side comparison of a Kiwaya standard soprano with their thinline, until today. These 2 are a Kiwaya KS-1 full size soprano, and a Famous FS-0 thinline soprano. The KS-1 is a more standard size soprano, with max body depth at 2.45". The FS-0 is thinner, at...
  6. Ukecaster

    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    "Can't Let Go", written by Randy Weeks, and originally performed by Lucinda Williams, I believe. Robert Plant & Alison Kraus also did a great version. Listening to this one, I see a broken relationship that could get ugly. When it's over, folks need to let go.
  7. Ukecaster

    I'm on Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

    Good one John! Cool visuals too, you're on fire man!
  8. Ukecaster

    Kremona KNA UK-1 passive uke pickup

    Passive uke pickup, slips under strings at bridge, no mods. $69.00 brand new at Guitar Center, selling for $35.00 shipped in CONUS only. I got this on a used uke, tried it out, but preferred no pickup on the uke, so I removed it, works fine.
  9. Ukecaster

    Mahogany Opio ukes

    Saw this one on Reverb yesterday, which sold quickly, a mahogany Opio tenor. Don't think I've seen any of those before. Has anyone played one? I'd expect it to sound a bit warmer/middier than the usual acacia Opio. Koaloha Opio Tenor 2015 Natural Satin Mahogany w/ case by Guitars For Vets...
  10. Ukecaster

    Vintage Martin tuners

    Saw a supposed 30's Style 0 recently with these tuners. To me, they look old, like Grover Champions, but have hex nuts. I assume they are replacements. Any idea what they are?
  11. Ukecaster

    String-through bridge

    It was this one, a Martin C1K, with slight lift on one corner of the bridge. It sold for $305.00 on eBay. I didn't buy...
  12. Ukecaster

    Lost and Found

  13. Ukecaster

    Change of user name.

    Yes, I did that. Who knows if he/she has the same email address, and they haven't been here in 7 years. :-(
  14. Ukecaster

    Change of user name.

    I wanted to change mine too, but found out that another user already has the name I want. That user has only 9 posts, and hasn't posted here since 2014. :-(
  15. Ukecaster

    Mu chords

    Saw this video about Steely Dans use of Mu chords, thought it was cool, they sure sound great. Unfortunately, I know little to nothing about music theory, but was wondering if these chords are often used in uke music, and could anyone provide examples of standard uke chords, in tab, with...
  16. Ukecaster

    String-through bridge

    If a uke with vintage style slot bridge has a slight lift on one side, I believe that converting it to a string-thru should prevent it from getting worse, or coming totally off. But, will the conversion close up the very slight gap?
  17. Ukecaster

    ISO: ukulele nut

    Thanks all. Yes, many of the off-the-shelf pre-slotted nuts appear much fatter than what I expect on a soprano.
  18. Ukecaster

    SS Stewart Taropatch

    There's a pic of a slightly different one (attached below) on the Ukulele Hall of Fame website. Also, Lardy's Ukulele Database has a writeup on B&J, apparently the parent company of SS Stewart. Read here:
  19. Ukecaster

    ISO: ukulele nut

    Thanks. The model 1237 might work. However it looks to be shaped different than the 35mm model 1257, rounder looking. Maybe its just the picture. .
  20. Ukecaster

    Season 501 - Forever In Blue Jeans

    Here's one by Tom Petty, "It'll All Work Out". In the opening line he mentions faded jeans.