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    Rock Songs for Baritone and Tenor?

    I like to play some rock music on my electric baritone and Tenor uke. I found a lesson for "Stairway to Heaven" ... I saw a video of a guy playing "Highway to Hell", Where can I find the popular rock music for the ukes? Thanks for reading my post. :drool:
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    OMG! I Bought Another Ukulele!

    I know I said I wasn't going to buy another uke, but I could not help it!! I love colorful things. It's not my fault. How could I possibly not get this!? It's was like this ... I was minding my own business watching this youtube video of this guy showing the uke for under $75. He showed...
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    How Many Ukes Do You Own?

    I did a search of the subject and I thought sure I would find something, but nothing came up. I used my title for the search. The uke porn is so huge and some don't say how many they have. Also the number could have changed since their last posting there. My brother wondered why I have so many...
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    DGBE Tunomg on Tenor

    I'd like to have DGBE tuning on my acoustic tenor uke would I have to switch the C string to the fourth string for D and the low G to the third and make the A string the B string? Or should I use other strings?:confused: Thanks for reading my post. :nana: Sorry about the title ... didn't see...
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    Rewiew of Vorson K Style Electric Uke

    As some of you may know I waited a couple of months for this uke to come out. Here are some of the specs on it ... Product Specifications Vorson Electric Ukulele K Style with Gig Bag Model: VORSON JX-2 BK Electric Ukulele Style : "X" Type...
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    Anyone Have Sensitive Ring Finger on Fret Hand

    I have callouses on my fret hand fingers, but my ring finger ... sometimes if I accidentally hit it in just the right spot, wow it can sting a bit. It get sensitive when I out in cold weather too. I notice it when I am typing too. Anyone else experiencing this? :confused:
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    OMG! Got Email Vorson Electric Uke Being Shipped!

    Wellsir ... they have been waiting since Christmas for these Ukes to come in. I really thought the Flight electric uke would be back first. I ordered the K style because it has the straight line tuners. According to shipping it is due Thursday. I haven't been waiting as long as some, but I...
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    Review of the Vanphy Electric/Accoustic Tenor Uke

    Wellsir I got the uke a day early and so far I like it. It It came with a nice gig bag that has padding, not just a dust cover. It has a build in tuner, and it also comes with a tuner. Got some picks ... an extra set of strings ... looks generic, but the uke itself comes with the Aguila...
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    Thinking of Getting This Electric Uke What Do You Think?

    As some of you may know I am waiting to get a solid body electric uke from Flight when they come back out but that could be as early as May or as late as Aug. I would like to learn some rock riffs on the uke since it is so much easier to play than guitar. I was thinking of getting this...
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    Should I Get All These Ukes Or Just The One?

    Wellsir ... I have been wanting a electric solid body uke and I was looking at the Vorson S and V models. I was going to get both of them because one has the strat shape and the other has the straight line head stock. Then I found the Flight pathfinder which has both the shape and the...
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    Wonder Why Most Electric Solid Body Uku Are Sold Out

    I found a great looking electric solid body uku from Flight Uku that is sold out. I really would like one, but they are no where to be found. That is true with a lot of ukus that are shaped like well known electric guitars. The ones reasonably priced (under $400) must be extremely popular.:iwant:
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    Which U Bass Should I Get?

    I not sure if I should get this one ... Or this one ... Can't make up my...
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    I Want One Of These! All Out Of Stock!

    I really want one of these electric solid body uku ... but they are all out of stock EVERYWHERE!:iwant: Vorson FLPUK-2 Flame Maple Electric Ukulele (with Gig Bag) They have been waiting since Christmas for more! They come from overseas and they don't...
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    My New Baritone Electo/Acoustic Uku Making Crackling Noise On Amp

    Wellsir ... I tried out my Uku on my amp and it makes this bad crackling noise especially when I touch the plug to the uku. None of my electric guitars do not make this noise ... any idea what the problem could be? My Uku...
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    Old Woman With New Ukulele

    Hello all ... Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm am old woman in comfortable shoes, learning to play music. I have been fooling around with the guitar and mandolin for a number of years. One day I decided I want to get a baritone ukulele. It was the first instrument I tried to play when I...