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    Outdoor or flea which will I play more?

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    car/garage/outside Uke

    Hello all, I'd like a Uke to keep in the car/garage/outdoors... Obviously durability, ability to withstand Maryland temperatures, durability (I've got four little kids) are big issues. However, as a musician I want two other things out of this uke...I want for it to stay in tune and be...
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    Late 20s Martin soprano style 1

    Hello all, I have a line on what I believe to be a 1927-1932-ish Martin style 1 soprano uke. It looks fine, seller says it is in good shape with a straight neck. Looks like there has been a repaired crack in the back. Asking price is $550 which I think is very reasonable! it is coming...
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    Working my way through ukes...

    I've been an instrument enthusiast for many years. I have been diagnosed by my wife as having both BAS and GAS, now I'm showing symptoms of UAS. You all know what that is.... Anyhow I'm wondering if there is a roadmap to this journey. As to banjos I focused on flatheads, then arch tops, then...
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    Hello uke world

    When I was 12 years old I played The banjo at my aunt
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    Fingerpicker--best uke for under $500

    Hello there, I just sold my mainland red cedar/rosewood concert. Nothing wrong with it, I just got tired of playing it I guess. I'm looking for something new under $500. As you can see from the videos below I am a banjo player who fingerpicks the uke. Which uke is best for me as a...
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    cheapest uke with built in pickup

    Hello all, I'd like to find a uke with a built-in pickup. Is it possible to find one new or used for about $100 or so? I've got a nice one for sale but I don't really play that much so if I could sell it and buy a cheaper one I'd be just as happy.
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    2011 Mainland Concert Red Cedar/Rosewood with Fishman Matrix UTS Pickup

    Hello all I'm selling my mainland as described above. I bought it new as a "second" in 2011 because apparently there was a slight mark in the finish below the fingerboard--I'll be darned if I can find it. I've played it mostly in coffeehouses and also to record with. I had the Fishman Matrix...