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    Hummin' to Myself

    Looking for song sheet ukulele arrangement for this song : Thanks all
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    Kiwaya Ktt-2S Tenor Slotted Headstock Mahogany ?

    Anyone owner of this ukulele ? and what can you say about it ? I hesitate to buy it because of the volume and sustain, I know there will be no problem about quality with Kiwaya. tell me your experience. Thank you very much
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    kamaka Lili'u Tenor 6 strings 100th anniversary

    For sale recent kamaka Lili'u Tenor 6 strings 100th anniversary. With Hardcase 100th anniversary. Price : 1400 usd from France Perfect conditions. Just bought few weeks ago. Accepts exchange offer for 4 strings K tenor.
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    Need advice for strings Kamaka Lili'u

    I am not satisfied with the Kamaka's strings. Too high tension and sounds not clear. Have put some others french brand but too floopy this time. Any owners on the forum having experienced some6 other brands ? Thank you and happy new year to everybody.
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    Top 10 ukulele swing songs

    What is your top 10 ukulele swing songs (between 20s and 40s) Mine is (but can change) All of me Bei Mir Bist Du Schôn Sweet georgia brown It's a sin to tell a lie Shimmy like my Sister Kate Ain't she sweet five foot two Yes sir that's my baby I found a new baby Aint misbehavin My Blue Heaven
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    Gibson tenor 1948

    I have a new project and need money to realise it. I sell my Gibson tenor 1948 It is located in France. This is a few pictures and video. If someone is really interested we can skype. I got it for 800 € and will sell it for the same...
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    Lili'u tenor 6 strings

    hello, I am very interested with this 6 strings ukulele, I like the mellow sound of it. I bought one Kala KA 6 and am convinced that's the right uke for me. I would like to exchange about the different tuning, what is your experience ? LowG highC lowC E HighA lowA HighG LowC HighC E LowA...
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    Lili'u Kamaka tenor 6 strings

    Hello from France, I am looking for a Lili'u Tenor ukulele 6 strings. Preference for Kamaka and coming from Europe because of the taxes. Will study every offer. Thank you
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    Ukulele ténor style Selmer Maccaferri named Maccalélé

    Hello from France, I sell a recent ukulele made by " luthier amateur" See video : A bit of sound : And how it was...