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    Larrivee Soprano Ukulele - Solid Koa Body with Larrivee Gig Bag.

    SOLDNice Soprano ukulele by well established guitar company. - No Cracks - wear & tear associated with normal use. - The paper label appears to have some water stain - There is bridge lift on 2 corners of bridge (see picture) - Minor nick on the corner of the peghead (see picture) Shipping only...
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    Seagull Steel String Ukulele

    I received a PM from a member, but I don’t see my reply (sent 2x) in my sent items. I have answered the questions by updating the posting Here are some additional pictures:
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    Seagull Steel String Ukulele

    Seagull Steel String Ukulele - Additional Pictures
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    Seagull Steel String Ukulele

    SOLDSeagull Steel String Ukulele currently tuned in 5ths. In very good to Excellent condition I'm primarily a guitar & Mandolin player & thought I'd like to try a 4 string mandolin type instrument. It sounds good, but I find the string spacing at the bridge a little to wide for my taste. Here...
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    Kala KA-GL-6 Guilele - Guitarlele - guitalele for sale

    This Guitalele has been SOLD - Solid spruce top - Laminated mahogany back & sides. - 17" (Tenor Ukulele) scale. I am the original owner, and am selling to fund another instrument. It has been kept in a humidity controlled room in a non-smoking home, and is in like new condition. no...
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    Martin OX Uke Bamboo Soprano Ukulele with original gigbag

    SOLD Martin OX Uke Bamboo Soprano Ukulele - Rarely used (too many ukes, too little time). - Martin Fluorocarbon strings. - Gigbag & Uke look in unused condition SOLD No international shipping. Thanks for looking
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    Flea Surf Concert Ukulele VGC

    SOLD Magic Fluke - Flea Concert Surf Ukulele 15.5 inch scale. After I purchased this ukulele I decided to get one with a wooden fret board so I can use a wound low "G". The ukulele has extremely little play time, and has the original strings on it. No Case is included. SOLD No international...
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    Pono Baritone Ukulele MBD-SP

    Sold Pono Baritone Ukulele: Spruce Top, Mahogany Back & Sides VG - EC condition The only flaw I notice is that you can feel the fret ends. It's been kept in my humidity controlled instrument room. At the 12th fret, the string height is between 2-3 MM (3/32") from the top of the fret to the...
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    Bending Wood - Ideas Needed

    Please excuse the debris currently in my shop.... Here are some images of a mold I used for a similarly shaped uke. I used a heat gun & heated the mold thru the holes on the bottom of the mold. the mold is hollow, and I used sheet metal for the bending surface. I didn't need a hot pipe with...
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    Pono AT Tenor Ukulele with Hard shell case

    This Pono Tenor AT ukulele is in very good condition, with a hard shell case (also in very good condition). The ukulele has been kept humidified. There are no cracks or repairs. The Ukulele has been SOLD PayPal accepted
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    Risa Soprano Stick

    Risa Soprano Stick in Very Good condition. I purchased it awhile ago, and just don't use it much, so here it is for sale. Sold
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    Ibanez EWP14-OPN Steet String Guilele for sale $99 shipped to lower 48 states

    I purchased this back when they first came out, & find I don't play it much. I usually reach for my nylon string guilele's instead. So here it is for sale: $99 No case is included Price includes shipping to the lower 48 states. You can pay with PayPal... Thanks for looking
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    KALA KA-GTR Tenor Guitar

    No longer for sale here Kala Tenor Guitar, 21.5" scale, Very Good to Excellent condition, no case. The body is approximately 12" wide at lower bout, 16" long, and 3 & 3/8" deep. I suffer from GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome), MAS and UAS. I don't play this instrument much, so figure I'll...
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    Fluke Surf - Very Good condition

    SOLD !!Lightly used Fluke Surf - Very Good condition, no case. There is no visible wear on the fret board. I suffer from GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome), MAS and UAS. I don't play this ukulele much, so figure I'll fund another acquisition by selling this one. Price -$150 shipped to the...
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    Romero Creations XS Soprano Solid Top with original case

    Romero Creations XS Soprano Solid Top Purchased new in August 2017 from Elderly Instruments for $229; and I'm selling it for $179 shipped to the lower 48 states. I have a number of Ukulele's that I've purchased, & some that I've made, and this ukulele has not been played much. I play Guitar...
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    Kanile'a K-1S Premium Koa Soprano Ukulele

    Kanile'a soprano ukulele K-1S Premium Koa with case $650 shipped The Koa used on this ukulele is gorgeous. The ukulele is in Very Good condition with no faults to note. The case (included) is good condition. I hate to sell this ukulele, but I've got my eye on a Parlor Guitar. Since I have...
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    Ibanez Piccolo Guitar

    As a steel string guitar player, I've been interested in Guilele's, & in 2014 decided to build a steel string version. My goal was to have it fit in a tenor uke case, making it easy to travel with. The body is tenor uke sized, scale length is 17.5", fret board radius of 16", "X" bracing for the...
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    2x4 challenge

    I'm impressed with the quality of the 2x4 ukes that have been posted here so far. Here's the progress I've made so far... The fret board & bridge blank in the pictures are cooked pine from the same 2x4 as the rest of the uke.