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  1. badhabits

    Rosen "carbon fiber" concert

    reminiscent of the enya nova, but not the same (obviously). most reviewers got it for free, nevertheless some good details in fret markers? what?
  2. badhabits

    slight change to Uke Crazy polyfoam cases

    Just got a concert size, presumably new stock, and instead of the velcro hold down strap there is a small foam block inside the top, that presses down when closed to hold the uke in place. It is visible in pics on the kala website. I like it. I don't like stiff velcro (or other sharp stuff)...
  3. badhabits

    Andrew Molina interviews Jake Shimabukuro

    AM podcast #17, good stuff! The previous podcasts are good too, lots of familiar names.
  4. badhabits

    Joe Souza on HIsessions podcast

    if you know Kanile'a you've probably heard a lot of this...the main interviewer Jon was in Pure Heart with Jake and Lopaka
  5. badhabits

    SpaceX Inspiration4 Martin ukulele

    Haven’t seen this mentioned here… a Martin ukulele is going up with next week’s launch, and will be sold as a fundraiser. Maybe they make replicas down the road like the konter. A search will bring up plenty of stories, here's one:
  6. badhabits

    Stick on side markers - FREE

    Stick on side markers - FREE ...and GONE! OFFER CLAIMED, NO LONGER AVAILABLE You may have seen these on eBay. Stick on side marker dots in "ivory" (more like light yellow imo), about 2 mm in diameter. There are 4 left, enough for one soprano or concert fretboard. Free to the first member to...
  7. badhabits

    Kiwaya KSU-1L long neck soprano

    SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD Kiwaya KSU-1L long neck soprano in excellent condition with original fluorocarbon strings and bag. Loud and good sound but more soprano than concert, and imo better strummed than picked. I don't have the know-how to post a sound sample, but gotaukulele/baz posted...
  8. badhabits

    Anybody on Maui? Andrew Molina cd release party

    Friday 5/21 at da playground
  9. badhabits

    "Hanging With ʻUkulele Vurtuoso Taimane Gardner"

    an interview from October 2020 on PBS Hawaii (very little playing)
  10. badhabits

    set of 4 geared price on the internets!

    just for you, friend. is greatest deal!!! This is a set of 4 cheap geared tuners, bought for a project that won't be happening. The price cannot be beat... FREE! Make sure you're going to use them, then reply here, pm/send me your address, I drop 'em in a padded envelope with a couple of...
  11. badhabits

    Scary uke

    would look good next to your "pumpkin" (nee orange pineapple). Any other Halloween-themed ukes out there?
  12. badhabits

    nut slot files

    want to get some decent ones, wondering how many and what sizes... thinking 2 or 3, 0.020" and 0.028" (looking at stew mac, any other sources?). any thoughts on # and sizes? for high G strings, mostly fluorocarbon- typical/usual worth, oasis, martin, etc.
  13. badhabits

    Any interest in a Kala Elite 1KOA-C solid koa concert?

    Really nice looking koa, especially for a "1" model. Includes everything it came with- certificate, heavy Kala transit case and D'addario humidifier (unused). Just can't get used to the wider nut (1.5"), neck and string spacing. $600 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.
  14. badhabits

    Looking for low tension strings for SSTU/EMTU hopefully get them down to more normal tension. Anyone got any recommendations?
  15. badhabits

    $100,000 ukulele

    wow...can't post link, but on sale at mele, search "Vintage Martin KOA Tenor Ukulele – mint condition circa 1970"
  16. badhabits

    Who started tiny and skinny ukes? And when?

    Since I have one of each, I'm wondering who started (and who popularized, if different) the tiny (sopranino and smaller) and thin body ukuleles? I know Ohana is currently the big name for tiny (production) ukes and Kala seems to have the deepest line for skinny ones. How far back do their...
  17. badhabits

    Kala EMTU vs SSTU thin/travel ukes

    Has anyone compared both? I have the SSTU concert and know it is very loud and bright...but maybe too bright for me, so I'm wondering how the laminate sounds. Search found nothing. Thanks.
  18. badhabits

    another plastic uke

    not water resistant, but perhaps just as fantastic...LED lights with many modes/colors and rechargeable battery. if I was close to the shop I'd go check it out
  19. badhabits

    Kala KA-SSTU-C

    For sale is a Kala KA-SSTU-C, solid spruce top, thinline/travel in concert size. I bought it used and it does show use; a few very minor bumps as seen in the last pics. Previous owner was unsure on setup, but it feels good and the action is good (2.5mm at 12th fret as I measure it). Comes...
  20. badhabits

    suggestions for strings for Enya HPL?

    I have an Enya X1M concert, and it serves it purpose. But like others have noticed, it's on the quiet side. So I'm wondering if there are any strings that might increase this uke's volume. The stock (fluorocarbon?) strings were OK (not the greatest but OK) for me, except for the volume. I...