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  1. Ambient Doughnut

    Black Trombone...Monotone...Baritone....

    My tribute to the mighty Serge Gainsbourg! :)
  2. Ambient Doughnut

    Clawhammer Medley (Cripple Creek)

    Hi chaps and chapesses, long time no see! Salut les gars ça fait longtemps! A little clawhammer medley with Cripple Creek imbedded in the middle. Based on the tab from Aaron Keim's fine tutorial. :cool:
  3. Ambient Doughnut

    Uke at the Duke Festival

    A few songs from our mini-set at our local Ukulele Festival :) A bit patchy but Wagon Wheel probably came out the best
  4. Ambient Doughnut

    Les Pieds Dans le Ruisseau

    by the late great Jacques Brel More an exercise in trying out my french than anything else. Je vous remercie
  5. Ambient Doughnut

    Devil and the deep blue sea - Band Version

    From our recent rehearsal. I like playing this but find it hard to sing - any tips?
  6. Ambient Doughnut

    La La Blues

    Off to a ukulele festival at the Duke of Wellington in Shoreham-by-Sea today! Here's our rehearsal of La La Blues from last night. Love this song is it's a riot to play. It's just A, E7, D, D7 EDIT: Hmm video keep starting at the end...not sure why...
  7. Ambient Doughnut

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 16!

    Hey look at this cute little guy. Baby seagull - he fell of my roof and has been stuck in my garden for a couple of days. Tried to get him back on the roof but he freaks out as do his parents so he's off to a sanctuary today. I'll kind of miss him to be honest. :)
  8. Ambient Doughnut

    Luna Banjolele - opinions?

    I just tried one of these in the local guitar shop (GAK) and was quite impressed. It had a snappy retro sound and made my Formby stylings sound much more authentic. Any idea how it weighs up against other modern banjoleles? I have a firefly but personally don't love it. This felt much more 'me'...
  9. Ambient Doughnut

    My UAS is finally cured!!!

    I gave in and treated myself to a similar combo - All red for me though! Well, it was my birthday yesterday. :)
  10. Ambient Doughnut

    Any idea what this is? (uke ID) I was thinking about bidding on this but it went a little rich for me in the end for a blind punt. Looked sort of interesting though. Have I missed out on a bargain or dodged a bullet?
  11. Ambient Doughnut

    Tubas in the moonlight

    Bonzo dog doo-dah band (Although actually written by Roger Ruskin Spear - as Neil Innes told me *cof* namedrop *cof*)
  12. Ambient Doughnut

    Between the Devil and the deep blue sea Damn that sounds awful! But the tide was coming in and I was getting wet. Still, the sea looks nice. ;)
  13. Ambient Doughnut

    Mr. Sandman

    My take on the version taught by the Brilliant Ukulelezaza: (see description for link to the tutorial) :)
  14. Ambient Doughnut


    Ok, not directly uke related but thought some of you luthier types might dig this!
  15. Ambient Doughnut

    Tiny Banjo Ukulele - EBAY I'm moving on the little Banjo uke I bought a couple of years ago if anyone is interested? (I checked marketplace rules and believe this is the right place for such posts) It's a fun little thing but a...
  16. Ambient Doughnut

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 14!

    Was it one of the wild women?
  17. Ambient Doughnut

    Breezin' along with the breeze

    Well, it's just been mad stressful at work this last week. And I'm off to do a silly cycle thing in a couple of days - which I feel completely unprepared for! So I just did this in an effort to convince myself that I'm actually a laid back...
  18. Ambient Doughnut

    Uke Market Crashes! Have we seen this yet? :)
  19. Ambient Doughnut

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 9!

    LOL - Jeez, that's one dodgy looking customer!