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  1. pabrizzer

    Season 505 - S-P-E-L-L-I-T-O-U-T

    Season of the Ukulele 505 S P E L L I T O U T Think Van Morrison's G L O R I A or Aretha Franklin's R E S P E C T and you've got it. Marc brought Todd Snider's B double E double R U N to a recent season which was new to me that would also fit right in. There ain't a lot out there but bring as...
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    what a friend we have

  3. pabrizzer

    i threw it all away

  4. pabrizzer

    dreams are the prose of night

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    on the 8th day god created music

    straight to the www via my cell phone - paoriginal
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    helter skelter

  7. pabrizzer

    gimme some lovin

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    Season 473 - Singing about Singing

    Songs with the word SING (or singing sang sung) in the TITLE are what I'm asking you to bring for Season 473 no song limit not really after big productions or multi-track extravaganzas - just you and your uke is fine originals welcomed and encouraged usual start and finish times PLAYLIST
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    Rob - wee_ginga_yin - is unwell

    Rob who posts here often as wee_ginga_yin and sometimes old gardener guy is unwell in a youtube response he tells me he has had a stroke with paralysis down his right side i'm sure you'd like to join me in wishing him a speedy recovery
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    hemingway's whiskey

    a guy clark song
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    carry us away

  12. pabrizzer

    do you hear the bells

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    Tread Softly to the Manger - Lesley Fowkes

    would love to hear more versions of Lesley's beautiful Christmas song Tread Softly To The Stable by Lesley Fowkes F Dm Tread F softly to the Dm stable, a Bb wonder to C find, The Dm Christ-child has Am come to a Bb world so un C kind And he Dm lies so Am serene, with an Dm untroubled Am...
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    Better Times Will Come

    Not sure why more ukulele players have not embraced this wonderful project started by Janis Ian
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    ain't gonna venture from this shore

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    the Lesley Fowkes original festive season song 'competition'

    bring your freshly written festive season songs and post them here no prize - we are bringing them for Lesley for songs written from now until 12 midnight December 24 2020 and freshly recorded versions of Lesley's Tread Softly to the Manger are welcome and encouraged
  18. pabrizzer

    how is it christmas time again