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  1. Skitzic

    Tangi Koa Double Puka Tenor

    Okay friends, this is one you won't see everyday...especially on the mainland. I have a koa double puka Tangi tenor. For those of you not familiar with Tangi, he was a smaller Hawaiian builder who no longer makes ukuleles. There is a small crack, or scratch on the top by the one sound hole. I...
  2. Skitzic

    East Greenville PA

    Howdy ukulele people! There is a weekly jam session at Java Good Day Cafe in East Greenville PA. We are there every Thursday from 7-9. Completely edible food, drinkable coffee, and UKULELES! What more can you ask for?! Java Good Day Cafe 231 Main Street East Greenville, PA 18041 Hope to...
  3. Skitzic

    Bluegrass, Loprinzi and Mele

    Blue Grass tenor, maple. Good used condition. $350 and we'll split shipping. Comes with a foam case, which has seen use...but still works as a case. :) SOLD Mele mahogany soprano. It's got some shiny spots on it from use, but has a nice broken in mahogany sound. $150 and we'll split shipping...
  4. Skitzic

    ISO Fluke or Flea

    I'm looking for a tenor or the right concert Fluke or Flea. I have a soprano Mele I can trade, but I can buy as well. Plastic fret board is fine, but I would prefer one of the patterned tops (unless it's purple or hibiscus). I also have a flamed maple Bluegrass tenor I will consider trading...
  5. Skitzic

    The Nerdiest Uke

    I am transforming one of those 'Heavy Metal Ukuleles' off the evil bays into... ...wait for it... A Klingon ukulele. Yes, a Klinguku. Why would someone do this you ask? Well, it is very simple. I married a nerd. He dresses up like a Klingon and goes to comic cons and what not. He has been...
  6. Skitzic

    The Fishuku: some musings

    I wouldn't call this a review, but I figured this was the best place for it anyway. I don't want to call it a review because this is technically a second hand instrument, but it still had the Aquila tag dangling from the tuner so it's pretty close to new. I was recently gifted a Fishuku FZB1...
  7. Skitzic

    Minty Style 2 LoPrinzi Soprano

    I have a minty mahogany style 2 LoPrinzi soprano I'm looking to sell. It's a wonderful instrument. Balanced, plays like a dream and sounds what I imagine butter would sound like. I'm selling it for 2 reasons: I can't get used to the neck. I like my necks to have a little more chunk...
  8. Skitzic

    Ko'olau Alohi string life

    I really like Alohi strings. I have put them on a few of my ukes and have never been disappointed, and currently have most of my main players strung up with them. I put them on my soprano sometime in June after UWC. The instrument had nearly perfect intonation after the strings settled. I...
  9. Skitzic

    Cordoba Tenor <SOLD>

  10. Skitzic

    We're taking over a BAR! With BEER!

    Where: Wing Man Bar and Grille (622 Gravel Pike Suite 115, East Greenville, PA 18041. It's the same shopping center as Walmart). When: Thursdays, 6pm-10pm Why: To jam of course! The food is tastey and reasonably priced, the beer is cold, and the ukuleles are playing!
  11. Skitzic

    Local Uke Group Makes the Front Page

    Hello! Our weekly jam made the front page of the Intelligencer today! Exciting stuff! Link Not thrilled about the Starbucks bit at the end. When they told us we can't play there anymore (the day the photographer came from the paper) we asked multiple times if there were complaints, and they...
  12. Skitzic

    Neck Blanks

    Hello luthiers! Where do you get your neck blanks from, or do you make them yourself? This may be a really dumb question, but can I just get a 2x2 from Home Depot and shape that?
  13. Skitzic

    Royal Wedding

    So...anyone excited for / going to watch the royal wedding? It's all the rage with the women at work. They're like, freaking out...and none of them are British! My house mate is actually taking the day off work and getting up at 4am to watch the whole thing. I'm thinking about staying home too...
  14. Skitzic

    Where to Buy Tuners?

    I am looking for replacement open geared tuners with amber or koa buttons. I thought this would be a fairly easy task... I have searched the interwebs, and have found open geared tuners, but none with amber or koa buttons. Gotoh has amber buttons on their sealed tuners, but not the other? Does...
  15. Skitzic

    Kanile'a Custom 8 String

    I'm checking interest in my Kanile'a 8 string that I bought from another forum member. Spruce top, AAA koa back and sides. The koa has really nice figure to it. Ebony fretboard and bridge. MOP inlays and tuner buttons. The saddle was sanded to make it a little easier to play. Sounds beautiful...
  16. Skitzic

    eBay feedback question

    I peruse the evil bay pretty much every day. I don't buy everyday, but I look. Until recently I never really looked at the actual feedback left for a seller. I just looked at the score, and maybe read the feedback if their score was below my acceptable number (which varied depending on number...
  17. Skitzic

    FT Kala U-Tar

    Looking to trade a like new Kala U-Tar for a tenor. I'm open to all brands, but I would prefer a solid top. Looking to string it up low G, so bonus points if it's already strung that way. There's nothing wrong with it, but a Martin parlor guitar landed in my lap around the same time I acquired...
  18. Skitzic

    We're taking over Starbucks!

    Where: Starbucks in Quakertown Pennsylvania. When: Thursday, December 30th at 6 pm. Purpose: To rock out! :rock: That is all...
  19. Skitzic

    My Kanile'a

    So I bought the 8 string Kanile'a that was sitting on the marketplace for awhile. I named it Bacon. There's a long story behind the name. Anyway, here are some photos. Link Link Link Anyway, the action was crazy, crazy high. So I sanded it down a bunch. Now it is much easier to play. I...
  20. Skitzic

    McNally Ukulele? What?

    When did McNally come out with this bad boy? Anyone play one? I thought the strum stick was a little difficult to hold, I imagine this little thing is even harder. I think the strum stick had an almost banjo like tone...I wonder if this sounds similar...? Craziness!