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  1. old and slow

    Bari Uke Madness.$5 Acoustic & $25 Solid Body Electric starter kits

    Picked this pair up for thirty bones. Gonna do a little convertin, and maybe some paintin. Both have 20.25" scale and 42mm nut. Which is in the ballpark for where I want all my collection to be. Being a beginner, I have found that four strings on a medium-wide neck are easiest for me to play...
  2. old and slow

    Help me choose a new baritone ukulele up to $300

    Hello to all. I am new to the sport of ukulele. And new to musical instruments in general. Although I did have a ukulele as a young child, but never advanced to any extent. My goal is to learn the instrument, and buy a quality instrument that will make learning more fun and continue to motivate...
  3. old and slow

    Hello from an old beginner

    Hi all. I've recently decided to take up an attempt to learn stringed instruments. And thought this would be a great place to enhance my learning experience. I bought a Charvel Surfcaster A/E at a pawn shop on a whim, and then it snowballed a bit from there. Added an old beater 7-digit sn...