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  1. bynapkinart

    New song — Untangled (Electronic/EDM + Ukulele)

    Hi all! I’ve written, performed, and recorded for years but have taken significant time away as my adult life fully set in. Now that I have a little bit more motivation to dive back into songwriting, I’ve been working on incorporating the tools that I know (ukulele, guitar and my voice) with the...
  2. bynapkinart

    NUD: Pineapple Sunday six string

    Well here is a NUD thread I never expected to get to post, but I never imagined I'd get to tell this kind of story. I'm not religious at all but I've always kept an eye on how the universe tends to come together like clockwork in certain ways, and its experiences like these that allow me to feel...
  3. bynapkinart

    Good ways to break out of a rut?

    I was playing around this weekend and have felt kind of stuck in the same mode for a while...I find myself noodling around on the same old things on both uke and guitar. On Saturday however, I discovered this list of 99 random songs on Ukutabs: I swear I...
  4. bynapkinart

    NUD: Kamaka HF-3

    Well let's start with the good stuff since that's usually why I open these threads: The album! This will be long so I figure what the heck. I had started a thread a couple of weeks ago (actually has it even been a week??) trying to figure out the best tenor for me to buy with some extra funds...
  5. bynapkinart

    KoAloha or Kamaka tenor?

    So I'm fresh off of finalizing my taxes, and it so happens that this is the first year in many years I'll get a substantial refund. Substantial enough to finally fund something I've been wanting for about 8 years now: a Hawaiian-built Tenor Uke. With pricing now more or less the same across the...
  6. bynapkinart

    NUD: First baritone

    So I've kind of been falling out of ukulele for the past 6 or so months...I'm a guitar player and songwriter first and for whatever reason I was feeling "stuck" with ukulele after having played it much more than guitar for the past couple of years. I had looked at baritones but because I've...
  7. bynapkinart

    FS/FT: Pono PKT-1E solid koa tenor

    Hey all, Hate to let this one go but an opportunity has arisen and I need to fund it by selling one of my favorites. This is an awesome tenor I've had for a little over a year and a half, from when Pono did koa ukes. They only did these for a few years and then switched to acacia. Specs are...
  8. bynapkinart

    Shopping for ukes in Boulder, CO

    Hey all, I just moved to Boulder yesterday and I'm going to need to find some great shops in the area, does anyone know/can anyone suggest a great uke shop or two? Thanks!
  9. bynapkinart

    Not ukulele related - keep Boston in your thoughts

    Just wanted to say that my heart goes out to everyone at the marathon today...growing up in Massachusetts, Patriot's Day is one of those very special occasions. You get to wake up, watch the Marathon start, watch the Sox game, see the finish of the marathon and usually catch a Bruins game in...
  10. bynapkinart

    Kanile'a factory featured in new Eddie Vedder video

    I always liked this song, and the video for it looks like it's shot at the Kanile'a factory! Very cool, short and sweet! Say what you will about EV, I know he's not everyone's favorite (I like him), he's doing some great things for ukes and Hawaiian-made ukes specifically.
  11. bynapkinart

    New (Belated) Uke Day!

    I feel like this doesn't belong on the same page as a Moore Bettah day, but I've been thrilled nonetheless! I picked up a Gretsch G9100 soprano about two weeks ago and I didn't post immediately because I didn't want to sound way too enthusiastic about it. Now that I've had some time to spend...
  12. bynapkinart

    Most surprising frankenstein string set

    Just like the title: have you ever frankenstein(ed) together a string set that really blew you away unexpectedly? My example: my A string on my Pono popped in the case overnight (Savarez Red). The string set before was a D'addario J71 high G string, Savarez Red C, E, and A strings. The only...
  13. bynapkinart

    FT: KPK Soprano Deluxe

    Hey all, I've had this very nice soprano for a few months and I haven't quite bonded with it. It sounds wonderful, and has a very lush and warm soprano voice, and has probably the most comfortable and well finished neck out of all of my ukes...but for some reason it isn't quite the sound/feel...
  14. bynapkinart

    Can anyone assist in identifying this antique?

    So I was in a local guitar shop in town that I haven't been in for a while, and I noticed this beat up banjolele hanging away in a corner. I asked the owner about it, he said he really didn't know much about it beyond the fact that he's been carrying it around for about 30 years. He got it all...
  15. bynapkinart

    Pono PKT-1E Review

    Pono doesn't make these anymore, which makes me question whether this review is necessary or not...but I guess I wish I had a review before accepting it sight unseen, so hopefully this helps someone out there make a decision! Just to preface, I got this uke a few months ago from another user on...
  16. bynapkinart

    Pono Tenor owners - string suggestions?

    I'm having a tough time settling on a string of choice for my PKT-1E. I first had it strung with Worths and didn't like the feel and sound; they had a boomy characteristic that I didn't really like at all. Next up were Ko'olau Golds that I liked quite a bit though they lacked the projection...
  17. bynapkinart

    New Uke Day!

    My Koa Pili Koko Deluxe Soprano got here this morning and I'm thrilled with it. Kind of taken aback by how nice it is for the money I bought it for (Jason is selling these for $180 these days). It has a really awesome voice, very similar to the KoAloha I used to have but a tad mellower...
  18. bynapkinart

    The uke makes me a fickle person...UAS is raging

    So I want a soprano. I owned a KoAloha for a few months before I realized that I tied up a lot of money in an instrument that was less versatile than I'd like, so I traded that up for a tenor w/ a pickup (which is much more versatile for me and is kind of my first choice uke). However, now I'm...
  19. bynapkinart

    New Uke Day!

    Last week I decided to trade a board member here my KoAloha soprano for this Pono PTK-1-E. I loved the KoAloha but I found myself not really playing the soprano at all, just because I was writing better and feeling better with my Fender Tenor. I thought that it was a little ridiculous of me to...
  20. bynapkinart

    Anyone want an incredibly expensive Pono?

    Eddie Vedder is auctioning off one of the ukes used on his album, a Pono MHTSH. Of course, the auctioneer is marketing it as a Ko'olau, but it's clearly a Pono. It has a cool wave drawing along with his...